01 Aug 2018, 09:01 AM

STA, 31 July 2018 - The Left has decided not to join a fledgling five-member coalition led by Marjan Šarec, but it is willing to endorse a minority government in exchange for the realisation of selected projects it deems are a priority. 

30 Jul 2018, 16:44 PM

STA, 30 July 2018 - After nearly 14 hours of talks with the five centrist parties on Sunday, The Left (Levica) will decide on Monday whether to resume talks on the remaining open issues and help Marjan Šarec form a coalition government. 

27 Jul 2018, 10:15 AM

The editorials from the leading weekly reviews of the Left and Right. 

25 Jul 2018, 12:26 PM

STA, 25 July - After the conservative party New Slovenia (NSi) declined to return to coalition talks with the five centre-left parties led by Marjan Šarec, his party extended an invitation to the Left to join the talks, which Šarec said would be conducted in "good faith". 

24 Jul 2018, 16:05 PM

STA, 24 July 2018 - The five parties trying to form a coalition led by Marjan Šarec have decided to give conservative New Slovenia (NSi) another chance to return to the talks before they extend an invitation to the Left. The NSi has until Monday to come clear about its intentions. 

21 Jul 2018, 21:13 PM

STA, 21 July 2018 - Addressing the annual jamboree of the Democratic Party (SDS) on Saturday, SDS head Janez Janša said the party wants to form a stable and effective government capable of working for the benefit of the entire country. If this is not possible, the SDS feels another early election is the best option. 

20 Jul 2018, 15:08 PM

STA, 20 July 2018 - The five centre-left parties headed by the election runner-up Marjan Šarec have decided to resume talks after conservative New Slovenia (NSi) walked out in a bid to form a coalition that will have more than 46 votes in the 90-member National Assembly. Asked to explain, they said the Left would be involved this time. 

20 Jul 2018, 13:48 PM

The editorials from the leading weekly reviews of the Left and Right.

19 Jul 2018, 14:52 PM

STA, 19 July 2018 - Democrats (SDS) leader Janez Janša informed President Borut Pahor on Thursday that he does not currently have the majority in parliament to form a stable government but that talks with parties have indicated differences could be overcome in the coming weeks. 

17 Jul 2018, 15:09 PM

STA, 17 July - The decision of the conservative party New Slovenia (NSi) to quit the six-way coalition talks led by election runner-up Marjan Šarec invited mixed reactions on Tuesday with Šarec's party noting that it was up to Janez Janša as the election winner to make a move. 

17 Jul 2018, 11:09 AM

STA, 16 July 2018 - Speaking of good but insufficient progress in negotiations and of serious reservations regarding the stability of a six-party coalition, the centre-right New Slovenia (NSi) decided on Monday to withdraw from the talks on a centre-left coalition led by election runner-up LMŠ. 

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