Janša Lacks Majority for Stable Govt., But Will Continue to Wait

By , 19 Jul 2018, 14:52 PM Politics
Janez Janša in 2012 Janez Janša in 2012 UKOM CC by 3.0

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STA, 19 July 2018 - Democrats (SDS) leader Janez Janša informed President Borut Pahor on Thursday that he does not currently have the majority in parliament to form a stable government but that talks with parties have indicated differences could be overcome in the coming weeks. 

Janša, whom Pahor asked last week to let him know by today whether he had mustered the necessary majority, wrote to the president that informal communication among parties in the past two weeks had allowed him to asses the differences in platforms could be bridged.

The main takeaway from the conversations was that a great majority of the parties do not want a new snap election and that readiness for cooperation exists, the head of the election winner SDS wrote.

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"This of course is the only possible attitude for forming a stable government given the election result, when the number of MPs of the second- and third-placed party combined is smaller than that of the first-placed while the SDS needs at least two more coalition partners for a majority."

On the other hand, some of the parties "continue with the regrettable, undemocratic and unconstructive rejection of the majority will of the voters and even of the culture of dialogue itself".

"Thus it seem that a serious effort at forming a stable government can only happen after all theoretical options for a weak and unstable government are exhausted," Janša wrote.

Janša suggested that dialogue was being undermined by "various informal interest groups that want a protracted interregnum period" and later a weak government that will allow them to preserve their privileges and monopolies and easy access to taxpayers' money.

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The leader of the SDS, which has been rejected by most parties over its flirting with far-right discourse, had been declared by Pahor as his first pick in the first round of the PM-designate nomination process, which expires on 23 July.

Janša would not yet accept the nomination last week, when the odds seemed tilted in favour of Marjan Šarec of election runner-up LMŠ, who was building a centre-left coalition. The coalition would also feature the centre-right New Slovenia (NSi) which withdrew from the talks on Monday.

Pahor responded to Janša's letter by announcing he would not put forward any PM-designate by the 23 July deadline for the first round of the nomination process, which can be followed by two more rounds until mid-August in which candidates may also be put forward by MPs.

The president said he had also talked to Šarec today to receive confirmation that the LMŠ leader would not be able the muster the requisite majority by 23 July either.

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