Slovenia on Film: Welcome to Fužine / Čefurji Raus! (English Subtitles)

By , 07 Feb 2018, 14:16 PM Videos
Slovenia on Film: Welcome to Fužine / Čefurji Raus! (English Subtitles) Screenshot from 'Welcome to Fužine'

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A short film on a certain group. 

February 7, 2018

Here’s a short documentary on čefuri, broadly defined as working class people from, or with parents from, one of the other former Yugoslav states. The film interviews various young men, but no women, who self-identify as čefuri and explain what the term means to them, along with some other Slovenians giving their opions on this group.

It also features an interview with the author (and 2009 Prešeren Fund winner) Goran Vojnović, seen below, who wrote the 2008 novel Cefurji raus!

Welcome to Fuzine 04.JPG

While there are currently editions in Croatian, Serbian, Swedish, Polish and Czech, the work remains untranslated into English and, according to some, untranslatable, if only because no translator would dare touch it.

However, those interested in getting a flavour of the novel can always track down the 2013 film adaptation, directed by the author and with the English title Southern Scum Go Home!

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