Pr’Hostar: Nasty, Brutish & Short (Video)

By , 22 Sep 2018, 16:00 PM Videos
A warm welcome awaits you A warm welcome awaits you

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Pr’Hostar tells the story of the staff at a country hotel who have little concern for providing the best service to customers, but instead are rude, crude, aggressive and work-shy. It’s a locally produced comedy that started life online and then went on to spawn the most successful domestic film in years, a real independent success story. 

But that’s not the reason, not the only reason, we’re sharing it here.

No, aside from whatever entertainment can be obtained from this series the real excuse for watching it is the fact that subtitles are provided on YouTube, in both English and Slovene, thus giving the show educational potential, especially with regard to picking up dialects, slang and bad language, as the dialogue comes thick and fast, with insults piled on obscenities, in a manner you won’t find in your copy of Colloquial Slovene.

To enjoy viewing Pr’Hostar to the fullest then just look for the CC (closed captions) icon and turn that on. You can then switch between English and Slovene by clicking on the settings – the little gear in the bottom right of the YouTube window – and making your choice.

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