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Mladina: Trojan Horse. Demokracija: Jelko Kacin is getting blood money as a Mafia promoter Mladina: Trojan Horse. Demokracija: Jelko Kacin is getting blood money as a Mafia promoter Montage: JL Flanner

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The editorials from the leading weekly reviews of the Left and Right.

Mladina: The SMC is becoming more like the SDS

The leftist weekly Mladina argues in its latest editorial that the Modern Centre Party (SMC) is turning into a self-interested "political enterprise" in the mould of the Democratic Party (SDS) of Janez Janša, reports the STA.

Editor-in-chief Grega Repovž argues that the SMC has become "incredibly like" the SDS after expelling Milan Brglez: "With his departure it has ended up virtually without people who would understand politics as working for the common good".

"Once the SDS is stripped of the revolting clutter - nationalism, populism and everything vile it always drags out from people by means of manipulation and lies - what is left is but a machine for the acquisition of money, funds and benefits," Repovž writes.

He concedes that the SMC is not a party of populism and nationalism, but says that the line of thinking in the party indicates that they do not care whether they join a coalition with the SDS or someone else because they only care for the power that they can keep in a future government.

"Not in the sense of political power to enforce their liberal politics, but at the base level that we have described for the SDS: the power, privileges, comforts for senior party members.

"And they do not think it wrong to go as far as benevolently telling journalists in informal talks now that it is easier to make a deal with Janša, that if there are four parties in government, they will get more etc. Politics as business. Politics as a way of making money."

Repovž says that this is why Brglez had to go, because he was irritating like some morale the party is stumbling upon.

Citing a 2014 column in which Cerar criticised the kind of politics his party stands for now, he says that it would make a light summer read for the SMC leadership, but that such a Cerar would probably be expelled fast or at least labelled a silly man who knows nothing about politics.

Demokracija: Global elites scared of strong European politicians

The STA also reports that the right-wing weekly Demokracija makes a case for a Janez Janša coalition in Thursday's commentary, saying that the world elites' have been trying to populate Europe with Africans and Arabs so they are bothered by strong politicians such as Hungary's Viktor Orban.

Editor-in-chief Jože Biščak says that German journalist Friederike Beck has exposed the world's political and financial elites' plans to subdue the Western civilisation.

The main financier behind "the global elites' priority plan to inhabit the Old Continent with blacks from Africa and Muslims from the Arab world is George Soros".

While Soros is funding this malevolent plan by giving NGOs which advocate open borders billions of euros, "the main obstacle to the plan are sovereign nation states".

The fact that the journalist, ignored by politically correct media, died last year "in very suspicious circumstances" shows that Soros and his NGOs are panicking.

Their plan to convince Europeans to accept their own downfall and mix with blacks and Arabs has not been fully realized, also because of people such as Beck.

The elites are also bothered by strong politicians, who represent a direct threat to them because they insist on preserving nation states.

"This is why Viktor Orban is called an autocrat and Catholic Poland is being attacked...," says Demokracija, adding that also in Slovenia the elites favour "pansy and soft party leaders" willing to implement their ideas of multiculturalism.

It is not just Janša that is disturbing to them, but also his Democrats' (SDS) agenda, which prioritises Slovenia as a nation state and the rights of Slovenians.

The party leaders whom the deep state and fanatics of multiculturalism are gathering around Marjan Šarec of the LMŠ do nothing but pledge not to join a Janša coalition.

The fear of losing the influence of the deep state forces them to create chaos and form unusual alliances which will eventually break up and (probably) lead to an early election.

Instead, at least centrist parties should take a step back and form a coalition which would be led by the election-winning SDS.

"Sometimes you have to look away to understand the essence of what you want and what you are interested in. If you look at Mona Lisa's lips, you'll never catch her smile; you'll see it only when you look towards her eyes," the commentary Mona Lisa Smile concludes.

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