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29 Oct 2018, 20:00 PM

Slovenia has produced a number of design classics, such as the K67 kiosk by Saša Janez Mächtig, Rex folding chair by Niko Kralj (1953), Marko Turk’s MD9 microphone (1963), and the Iskra ETA 80 telephone by Davorin Savnik (1978). To this list we may soon be able to add the Nico Less chair, an item that combines the admirable qualities of style, comfort and sustainability in a design that makes use of felt that’s mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.

15 Oct 2018, 19:16 PM

STA, 15 October 2018 - A Slovenian architect who moved to Argentina in 1924 has left an important mark on the city that currently hosts the Summer Youth Olympic Games. Viktor Sulčič is one of the designers of the La Bombonera football stadium in Buenos Aires and he also came up with the nickname for the home of the popular Boca Juniors club. 

15 Oct 2018, 18:00 PM

STA, 15 October 2018 - An exhibition presenting the work of Elza Kastl Obereigner (1884-1973), a pioneer Slovenian sculptress, opened at the Ljubljana City Museum last Thursday. The exhibits were collected in the dusty attic of the artist's home with the permission of her granddaughter Angelika Hribar.

13 Oct 2018, 12:43 PM

Andreja Podlogar and Blaž Bertoncelj are Argentinian tango world champions, internationally acclaimed artists, innovative teachers, researchers, critical thinkers and global tango ambassadors, whose visionary work is gathered in a small dance studio lab in the centre of Ljubljana, called Studio BA Tango. Andreja and Blaž shared with us their knowledge and views on the dance itself, its historic development, their diverse work and future plans, which include an ambitious project to create a global creative platform for critical thinking, applied knowledge and development of new creative potentials in the field, starting with an international tango symposium, which they plan to organise in 2019 in no other place but Ljubljana.

10 Oct 2018, 18:00 PM

STA, 10 October 2018 - Beno Bajda, an olive oil producer from the coastal town of Izola, has recently patented a new oil extraction method which requires no heating whatsoever. It is using ultrasound to extract oil directly from olive cells. 

10 Oct 2018, 12:50 PM

STA, 9 October 2018 - Experts from the UKC Ljubljana hospital presented today a new milestone in aesthetic surgery. They have become the first to successfully replace a patient's amputated nose by growing it on her own forearm, with a fully developed vascular and nerve system. 

08 Oct 2018, 17:05 PM

Winning the title is an important part of the Slovenian Tourist Board’s current strategy of getting visitors to enjoy more of Slovenia, at all times of the year. 

03 Oct 2018, 18:00 PM

STA, 3 October - For almost a month Slovenia's tallest peak, Mount Triglav, was without the Aljaž Tower, a symbol not only of Slovenian mountains but of the country at large. On Wednesday, the landmark was returned to the top of the mountain, where it had stood for 123 years before it had to be lowered to the valley for much needed repairs. 

27 Sep 2018, 11:50 AM

STA, 26 September - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije; GZS) handed out on Wednesday its awards for best innovations to companies, innovators in companies and public research institutes, selecting the winners of ten golden awards among 42 best innovations at the national level. 

24 Sep 2018, 14:20 PM

STA, 22 September 2018 - A retirement home in Maribor which has introduced an innovative approach to the understanding of age has been declared the best facility for seniors in Europe by the European Centre for Research and Education in Ageing Services.

19 Sep 2018, 12:50 PM

STA, 18 September 2018 - Ivan, a feature film by Janez Burger which won several awards at the 2017 Slovenian Film Festival, has been picked as the Slovenian candidate for Oscar nomination for the best foreign language film. 

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