Trailers with Slovenian Subtitles for Q1 2018

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Trailers with Slovenian Subtitles for Q1 2018 Screenshot from The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

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Get exposed to the language while checking out movies. 

April 5, 2018

Every week in What’s on in Ljubljana we present a selection of events and activities going on in the capital, including DJ sets, videos of performances and trailers for some of the films around town. For those learning Slovene many of the latter have the added benefit of subtitles in the target language, giving you bite-sized chunks in an entertaining format (as discussed in an earlier post). We thus present some of the trailers shown in the first quarter of the year for your entertainment, education and edification. And if you’re in Ljubljana and would like to see a movie, why not take a look at our guide to its cinemas, or check each Sunday for our latest What’s on feature.

Red Sparrow / Rdeči vrabec


Downsizing / Krčenje


Florence Foster Jenkins / Slavno neslavna Florence


Call Me By Your Name / Pokliči me po svojem imenu


Lady Bird / Lady Bird


The Phantom Thread / Fantomska nit


The Shape of Water / Oblika voda


The Last Ice Hunters / Zadnji ledeni lovci


Un beau soleil intérieur / Žarek v srcu


The Beatles: Eight Days a Week / The Beatles: Osem dni na teden


I, Tonya / Jaz, Tonja


Darkest Hour / Najtemnejša ura


Game Night / Družabni večer


Black Panther / Črni panter

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