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Kinodvor Kinodvor

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From blockbusters in Kolosej to festival winners in Kinodvor

March 14, 2018

There are five full-time cinemas operating in Ljubljana at the moment. Apart from the Kolosej cinema complex, which is situated in BTC City, the location with the highest density of shopping malls in the area, there are also four cinemas operating downtown.

Kino Komuna, a downtown branch of Kolosej


Kino Komuna (for the schedule click here), shows mostly Hollywood movies from the Kolosej repertoire. This cinema’s entrance can be found in a passage behind Nama department store, just next to Grefino ice cream place.

Slovenian Cinematheque (Slovenska Kinoteka)


Kinoteka, which is also responsible for the country’s film archive, museum and several publications on film, usually screens older movies from around the world that left some sort of historic mark, and is usually the best place to catch an old art movie or classic. For the program, click here.



In the next block, in the street running parallel to the one that hosts Kinoteka, is Kinodvor, where you can see the most recent local and international movies of higher artistic quality, usually approved by various competitions and festival awards. Kinodvor runs several festivals of its own and includes age-specific programs and screenings for parents with babies (every first Wednesday of the month at 13:00, click here for more). For the full programme in Kinodvor, click here.

Kino Bežigrad


Kino Bežigrad is a friendly local cinema with a flexible schedule (set about one day to one week ahead, depending on the current demand). Film and other programmes of Kino Bežigrad can be found here, or follow the venue’s Facebook page  and stay informed about the various events (such as babysitting, which is taking place in the cinema today, when teachers are on strike).

Apart from these regular cinemas, there are another two other venues which occasionally screen movies, namely Cankarjev dom and Kino Šiška. In spite of its name Kino Šiška is not cinema by its primary function, but becomes one during various film festivals. Similarly, Cankarjev dom offers a variety of events, films being only one of them. For the film programme in Cankarjev dom, click here.

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