Ski Jumping: Germany Win Team Event in Planica (Video)

By , 28 Mar 2021, 12:11 PM Sport
Ski Jumping: Germany Win Team Event in Planica (Video) YouTube

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STA, 28 March 2021 - Germany won the final team event of the Ski Jumping World Cup on the giant hill in Planica on Sunday ahead of Japan and Austria. Slovenia placed fourth, missing the last chance for a team podium this season.

 Pius Paschke, Markus Eisenbichler, Constantin Schmid and Kar Geiger secured 819.5 points with jumps of 218, 235.5, 212 and 220.5 metres, beating their Japanese rivals by 9.5 points and Austria by 30.6 points at what was a single-series event.

Despite Bora Pavlovčič's personal best of 243 metres, Slovenia were 3.4 points short for the podium. Domen Prevc landed at 228.5 metres and Peter Prevc at 205 after making a mistake. Žiga Jelar made it to 204.5 metres.

Commenting on the poor showing of his team, coach Robert Hrgota told TV Slovenija: "You mustn't afford a mistake in a single season and we have."

Hrgota praised Bor Pavlovčič for his "excellent flight", but regretted the "failed" attempts by Peter Prevc and Žiga Jelar, while commending Domen on another very solid flight.

Pavlovčič is third after the first series in the individual event. Japan's Ryoyu Kobayashi is in the lead ahead of Germany's Karl Geiger.

* Results of team event:
1st Germany      819.5 points
(Pius Paschke 218 m - Constantin Schmid 212 m - Markus Eisenbichler
235.5 m - Karl Geiger 220.5 m)
2nd Japan      810.0
(Naoki Nakamura 225.5 - Junshiro Kobayashi 214 - Yukiya Sato 229.5 -
Ryoyu Kobayashi 226.5)
3rd Austria     788.9
(Daniel Huber 233.5 - Markus Schiffner 213 - Stefan Kraft 208.5 -
Michael Hayböck 218,5)
4th Slovenia    785.5
(Bor Pavlovčič 243 - Peter Prevc 205 - Žiga Jelar 204.5 - Domen
Prevc 228.5)
5th Norway    779.2
(Halvor Egner Granerud 229.5 - Marius Lindvik 198.5 - Johann Andre
Forfang 212 - Robert Johansson 221)
6th Poland      763.9
(Piotr žyla 213 - Andrzej Stekala 222 - Jakub Wolny 214 - Dawid
Kubacki 204)


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