Ski Jumping: Slovenia Wins World Cup Team Event in Planica (Video)

By , 26 Mar 2022, 13:04 PM Politics
Ski Jumping: Slovenia Wins World Cup Team Event in Planica (Video) YouTube

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STA, 26 March 2022 - Slovenia's Žiga Jelar, Peter Prevc, Timi Zajc and Anže Lanišek won the last Ski Jumping World Cup team event of the season held in Slovenia's Planica on Saturday before some 20,000 spectators. Slovenia led already after the first series, 15.6 points ahead of Norway.

Norway, whose Halvor Egner Granerud managed a jump of 242 metres, came second as Lanišek did not shy away of Granerud's challenge and jumped 237.5 metres.

With 1,601.1 points, the Slovenian team outperformed Norway by 24.2 points and by 56.9 points third-placed Austria, whose Stefan Kraft put on a great performance.

The Slovenian men jumpers brought Slovenia the 84th World Cup victory, of which 72 have been individual wins and 12 team wins.

Peter Prevc has been part of 12 winning teams, and is also a Slovenian record holder in individual event wins, managing as many as 23.

"I'm glad that the boys have jumped well, but we shouldn't take such achievements for granted," chief coach Robert Hrgota told public broadcaster TV Slovenija.

He said "that's been a lot of hard work throughout the season to come to such successes."

Lanišek said "there had been a lot of pressure with everyone saying to us 'win, win!' These are the successes we live for, so we work hard and we'll always remember these moments."

"Each of us did his best and I'm thrilled. I think we're living our dreams. This is phenomenal!" said Jelar, who in the first group jumped after Norway's Marius Lindvik, the ski flying world champion and the best individual jumper today.

The World Cup season finale at Planica will conclude on Sunday with an individual event featuring the top 30 jumpers in the overall standings.

* Results, Planica, team: 1. Slovenia 1,601.1 points (Žiga Jelar 224.5/227 m, Peter Prevc 226/236, Timi Zajc 240,5/241, Anže Lanišek 222.5/237.5) 2. Norway 1,576.9 3. Austria 1,544.2 4. Poland 1,522.2 5. Germany 1,425.8 6. Japan 1,355.3 7. Finland 1,259.5 8. Switzerland 1,198.1

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