Nigerian Footballer Fired After Getting Club President’s Daughter Pregnant

By , 10 Dec 2019, 16:31 PM Sport
Nigerian Footballer Fired After Getting Club President’s Daughter Pregnant Wikimedia - Антон Зайцев CC-by-3.0

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Update - this story appears to be false, with more details here

Ghana Web reports that an unnamed Nigerian football player at an also unnamed Slovenian club has been fired six months’ after joining the team for getting the daughter of the club’s President pregnant. According to the story, four Nigerians currently play in Slovenia: Bede Osuji (ND Gorica), Temitope Nelson (NŠ Drava Ptuj), Gerald Chiyoke (team unknown) and Sulaiman Adedoja (team unknown).

The player has now returned to Nigeria, fearing public opinion in Slovenia, and is considering contacting FIFA to register a formal complaint at being fired for a personal matter. He is quoted as follows in the story:

The club got to know [that my girlfriend was pregnant] and summoned me for a meeting. I got there and admitted that I am responsible for the pregnancy and I was told to stay at home and not to be seen around the club premises until I am instructed to return.

A week later I was called to the office and told that my agent has been informed about their plans to terminate my contract for gross misconduct and indiscipline.

Now I don't know what will happen to her and the child since I'm back in Nigeria. They have forced her to block me on all social media platforms so we have not been communicating. The few friends I made at the club are also scared of speaking to me about her apparently they don't want to run into trouble with the team. I'm confused right now.

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