Slovenian MEP Joins Call to Investigate Suspension of UK Parliament

By , 02 Sep 2019, 17:34 PM Politics
Milan Brglez Milan Brglez

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STA, 1 September 2019 - Slovenian MEP Milan Brglez (SD/S&D) has joined an appeal by a group of MEPs asking the European Commission to examine whether British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's move to suspend parliament is in breach of EU law.

"It is a sad day for development of democracy and the rule of law in British and all-European history. Parliaments are the essence of a country's democratic system (...) So their work should be enhanced rather than hampered," said Brglez, who served as Slovenian parliamentary speaker between 2014 and 2018.

"There have always been differences in views on how democracy should develop and there always will be (...) but it is wrong if the politically stronger party substitutes the argument of power for the power of arguments and uses the leverage it has against democracy and democratic procedures."

Arguing that this is exactly what the British government has done, Brglez joined the appeal drawn up by British MEP Anthony Hook (RE), for the Commission to examine potential breach of the EU's basic values and principles under Article 7 of the Treaty on EU, which has been used to censure the governments of Poland and Hungary.

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