The Slovenian Election in 22 Slogans

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The Slovenian Election in 22 Slogans Screenshot of Levica Facebook Page

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Choosing from the election smorgasbord using a few words from the parties themselves. 

May 16, 2018

There are a record 25 political parties competing for parliamentary seats in the upcoming elections, to be held Sunday June 3, 22 of which have candidates in all constituencies, and therefore more chances of reaching the 4% threshold needed to enter the parliament.

Below is an overview of the slogans you might see around the country and online these days, along with translations. The various groups are listed approximately according to their standings in latest surveys, starting with the top eight strongest parliamentary parties and followed by those with less chance to of getting more than 4% of the vote.

  1. SDS Slovenska demokratska stranka (Slovenian Democratic Party)
Ideological axis: Far-Right
Slogan: Zate (For you)
Variation: In this particular poster the SDS is promising 500 EUR Christmas bonus to the elderly: “For a beautiful autumn of life. 500€ Christmas Bonus”.


  1. LMŠ Lista Marjana Šarca (Marjan Šarec List)
Ideological axis: Center Center-Left
Slogan: Človek. Skupnost. Država. (Human. Community. State.)
lista šarec bus.jpg


  1. SD Socialni demokrati (Social Democrats)
Ideological axis: Left-wing Centre-Left
Slogan: Samozavestna Slovenija (Confident Slovenia)
Variation: Zmanjševanje družbene neenakosti (Reduction of social inequality)
sd samozavestna slovenija.jpg
  1. SMC Stranka modernega centra (Modern centre party)
Ideological axis: Centre Centre-Left
Slogan: Bolje za vse (Better for Everyone)
  1. NSi Nova Slovenija (New Slovenia – Christian Democrats)
Ideological axis: Centre-Right
Slogan: Tonin misli resno (Tonin means it)
NSi decided to build its brand on its new party president Matej Tonin
  1. Levica (The Left)
Political axis: Far-Left
Slogan: Blaginja za vse, ne le za peščico (prosperity for everyone, not just a few)
The Left printed its slogan on leaflets that resemble the little red books of Mao Zedong's quotes when lifted up in the air by the party members.
  1. DeSUS Demokratična stranka upokojencev Slovenije (Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia)
Ideological axis: Centre-Left
Slogan: Vrnimo ljudem dostojanstvo (Let's return dignity to the people)
  1. SAB Stranka Alenke Bratušek (Party of Alenka Bratušek)
Ideological axis: Centre-Left
Slogan: Izkušeni. Odločni. (Experienced. Determined.)


  1. AČZS Andej Čuš in Zeleni Slovenije (Andrej Čuš and Greens of Slovenia)
Ideological axis: Centre-Right
Slogan: Prihodnost za vse (A future for Everyone)
  1. LNBP Lista novinarja Bojana Požara (List of Journalist Bojan Požar)
Ideological axis: Centre-Right
Slogan: Slovenija zasluži drugo priložnost (Slovenia deserves another chance)
  1. SNS Slovenska nacionalna stranka (Slovenian National Party)
Ideological axis: Far-Right
Slogan: Zmago!
The former parliamentary party SNS has built its recognition mainly around its strong and charismatic leader, Zmago Jelinčič. “Zmago!” also means (to want) victory in Slovenian.
  1. DD Dobra država (Good country)
Ideological axis: Centre Centre-left
Slogan: Pravo$odje neenaka obravnava #dovolj! (Judi€iary unequal treatment #enough!)
dobra država.jpg
  1. ZSi Zedinjena Slovenija (United Slovenia)
Ideological axis: Far-Right
Slogan: Ne levo ne desno! Stopino na pravo stran, na stran naroda!
(Neither left nor right! Let's step on the correct side, on the side of the nation!)
nelevonedesnosisko zedinjena slovenija.jpg
  1. ZD Združena desnica Kangler in Primc (United Right)
Ideological axis: Right-wing
Slogan: Pomlad prihaja (Spring is coming)
The slogan is an attempt to be associated with the right-leaning “spring” parties formed during the early democratisation period of Slovenia.
pomlad prihaja kangler primc.jpg
  1. ZLS Združena levica in Sloga (United Left and Unity)
Ideological axis: Left-wing
Slogan: Nikogar ne puščamo za sabo (We Leave No-one Behind)
The alliance doesn't seem to have much advertising material, this is all we found.
sloga nikogar ne puščamo za seboj.jpg
  1. Pirati Piratska stranka Slovenije (Pirate Party of Slovenia)
Ideological axis: Syncretic
Slogan: Da bo razvoj služil ljudem (So that progress will serve the people)
  1. SLS Slovenska ljudska tranka (Slovenian People's Party)
Ideological axis: Centre Right
Slogan: Pr(a)va izbira (First (right) choice)
sls prava izbira.jpg
  1. Solidarnost (Solidarity)
Ideological axis: Left-wing
Slogan: Za pravično družbo (For a fair society)
za pravično družbo solidarnost.jpg
  1. SSN Stranka slovenskega naroda (Party of the Slovenian People)
Ideological axis: Far-Right
Slogan (Maribor Constituency): Ker Slovenija brez avtohtonega slovenskega prebivalstva ne obstaja!! ( Because Slovenia without its autochthonous Slovenian population doesn't exist!!)
ssn strankaslovenskega naroda.jpg
  1. GAS Gospodarsko Aktivna Stranka (Economic Active Party)
Ideological axis: Unclear
Slogan: Premalo je samo želeti boljšo prihodnost. (It is not enough to just wish for a better future.)
This party has no Facebook account and its website seriously lacks in graphic design and visual appeal. The closest we came to a comprehensive visual message was with this picture of the party president enthralled by the Obrtnik (Entrepreneur) magazine.
  1. SN Skupaj naprej (Together forward)
Ideological Axis: Unclear
Slogan: Gibanje skupaj naprej je odgovor angažiranih in s preteklostjo neobremenjenih ljudi na razmere v Sloveniji
(The Together Forward Movement is an answer to the current situation in Slovenia given by committed people who are unburdened by the past.)
This party focuses exclusively on ending corruption in the health system and reforming it, and is presided over by an ortopedic surgeon, Daniel Bešič Loredan.
  1. ZZD Za zdravo družbo (For a healthy society)
Ideological axis: New Age
Slogan: Spremeni se in spremenila se bo Slovenija. (Change yourself and Slovenia will change)
za zdravo družbo.jpg


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