Election 2022: Our Land Party Aims to Avoid Ideology to Focus On Challenges

By , 25 Mar 2022, 09:04 AM Politics
Party leader Aleksandra Pivec Party leader Aleksandra Pivec

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STA, 24 March 2022 - Our Land (Naša dežela), a party formed by ex-Agriculture Minister Aleksandra Pivec, held a congress at Brdo pri Kranju on Thursday to present its platform and candidates standing in the April general election. Pivec, ex-leader of the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), said that Our Land will put addressing challenges before ideological topics.

One of the non-parliamentary party's priorities is Slovenia's decentralised development. The party proposes establishing provinces and transferring some of the state's and municipal powers on to them.

The party will push for a thorough reform of the education system to adjust it to the needs of the present time, and for an efficient health reform.

The elderly, business and balanced infrastructure development across the country will also be in the focus of the party's efforts.

Highlighting agriculture, security and energy independence as further key areas for the party to focus on, Pivec said: "Slovenia is a land with favourable conditions to raise the level of self-sufficiency."

The party will have 88 candidates, that is in all 88 electoral districts across the country, with Pivec standing in the Ptuj Ormož district, from where she comes.

Among the candidates are two MPs, independent Mateja Udovč, formerly an MP for the coalition Concretely, and DeSUS MP Branko Simonovič, who has joined Our Land.

Beekeepers Association head Boštjan Noč and ex-Concretely MP Urška Ban, currently a Public Administration Ministry state secretary, will also stand on the Our Land slate.

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