Weapons Dipped in Chocolate and Mayonnaise Seized at Gruškovje Border Crossing

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December 6, 2017

A bus carrying passengers from Bosnia to Sweden sparked a criminal investigation after weapons were detected in one of the passengers’ luggage during a border check at Gruškovje last Saturday.

A 25-year old national of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was on his way from Banja Luka to Gothenburg, carried two black bags through the border check-point, when monitors at the X-ray inspection revealed that the large plastic containers of mayonnaise and chocolate the passenger carried in his bags were concealing 36 hand grenades, seven handguns and 198 bullets.

A third bag, also believed to belong to the suspect, was found outside the bus. According to the police the driver of the bus took several plastic bags out of this bag and placed them into the nearby trash can. In those bags police found an additional hand gun, three automatic guns, two M60 rifle grenades, eight magazines, three rifle stocks, the barrel of a shotgun and 208 bullets and cartridges of various calibres.


Explosive technicians were called to the scene, which was then secured while the suspect was taken into custody.

The investigation into one the largest seizures of weapons at the Slovenian border is ongoing, and it includes cooperation among the Swedish, Croatian, Bosnian and Danish authorities. 

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