How Many Slovenes Can Afford a Vacation?

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Figures from Eurostat and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) give slightly different results with regard to the number of Slovenes able to take a one-week vacation away from home in 2018, although both find that the figure is above the EU average.

SURS reports that 73% of Slovenian households could afford a one-week vacation away form home for all family members in 2018, the highest since such data started being collected (in 2005), and up one percentage point on 2017. More households in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region (81%) were able to take a trip, while the lowest proportion was found for the Pomurska statistical region (61%).

The most common time for taking such a trip was the summer, July and August accounting for 18% of the total. The most common destination was Croatia (61% of all private trips made abroad), followed by Italy (7%), Austria (6%), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (5%).

Eurostat has also released data on the size of the EU population aged 16 or over could afford a one-week annual holiday away from home in 2018. Overall, the figure is 71.7%, an improvement on 2013, when just 60.5% of the population could afford a summer vacation. In contrast, Eurostat data finds that 78.2% of Slovenians were able to pay for a 7-day vacation

The countries with the most citizens able to travel were Sweden (90.3%), Luxembourg (89.1%) and Denmark (87.8%). At the other end of the scale, with the fewest individuals going on vacation away from home in 2018, were Romania (41.1%), Croatia (48.7%,), Greece and Cyprus (both 49%). The complete Eurostat dataset can be found here.

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