The Transience of Street Art, 2014

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SQON cat on Trubarjeva cesta. This is gone, but there's still a rare SQON pony on the door to this building SQON cat on Trubarjeva cesta. This is gone, but there's still a rare SQON pony on the door to this building All images JL Flanner

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If you live, work, or visit Ljubljana, how many of these do you know or remember? 

January 15, 2018

When Plečnik reworked Križanke he had an inscription put into the plaster of the front courtyard: Minljiv si, le tvoja dela so tvoj spomin (You are ephemeral, only your work will be remembered). While this may be true for architects, it’s less so for street artists, whose work is often lost without record.

When I moved to Ljubljana I tried to learn the city and fall in love by taking pictures of street art with my phone. It’s now more than three years later, and some of these works survive unscathed, others are a palimpsest, and more are gone forever.

Now how many of these do you know?


A stencil that still appears in many places around town, Čufarjeva ulica


Metelkova, 2014.jpg



Petkovškovo nabrežje, July 2014.jpg

The famed SQON cat in Petkovškovo nabrežje. This is now EK Bistro


Tovarna Rog (interior), August 2014.jpg

Tovarna Rog (interior)


Tovarna Rog (interior), August 2014 02.jpg

Tovarna Rog (interior)


Friškovec, August 2014.jpg



Slomškova ulica, July 2014 02.jpg

Slomškova ulica


Slomškova ulica, July 2014.jpg

Detail, Slomškova ulica


Zoisova cesta.jpg

Zoisova cesta. This is now painted over


Vidovdanska ulica, July 2014.jpg

Vidovdanska ulica


Vidovdanska cesta, 2014.jpg

Vidovdanska ulica


 Mala ulica, August 2014.jpg

Mala ulica. This has been lost


Vegova ulica, July 2014.jpg

Vegova ulica


Potočnikova ulica, February 2015.jpg

Potočnikova ulica


Soteska, July 2014.jpg



Srednja Ekonomska Sola, February 2015.jpg

Rudolf Maister at the Srednja Ekonomska Sola


Trubarjeva cesta, July 2014.jpg

Trubarjeva cesta


Kastelčeva ulica, July 2014.jpg

Kastelčeva ulica


Za čreslom, July 2014.jpg

Za čreslom


Usnjarska ulica, 2014.jpg

Usnjarska ulica

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