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When you find out you're going to a place with cheap beer When you find out you're going to a place with cheap beer All images from Slovenske smešne scene

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Ultra-short texts, visual aids, and jokes to try and understand – why you should be following Slovenske smešne scene

January 08, 2018

My Slovene isn’t great, but it’s good enough to get by in a very limited sense and getting better all the time, and one way I try and improve is through exposure to as much language input aimed at my level as possible. In practice, this means that billboards, junk mail, and trash TV are a goldmine of direct and simple content, rarely aimed at anyone with more than a 10-yr old’s vocabulary.

To this end, one of the more informative parts of my social media consumption is when I scroll through Facebook and come across a new post by Slovenske smešne scene (Slovenian Funny Scenes), a page that posts memes in Slovene. Colourful and juvenile, it’s very rewarding to get the joke, even if I’d roll my eyes at the same material in English. Below are a few representative examples from the page, with translations under each image.


On the way to school. On the way from school



My girl at home. My girl in public



Tag a friend who's always hungry


The doctor said I can only drink one glass of beer a day



Tag a friend who's shorter than his girlfriend



After a test. In middle school: When I don't know the answer to one question. At university [Faks, fakulteta]: When I know the answer to one question



Meanwhile, in Dolenjska [this is a joke about wine - check the license plate]



How I feel when I finish math homework


With / without make-up



Tag a friend who's like this when they see a sexy girl



How my sister thinks she looks. How she really looks. Tag your sister



When you've smoked some strong grass



Tag a single friend who needs a bed like this



Astrologers say that anyone who finished 2017 single will definitely meet their soulmate in 2018

If you enjoyed the learning potential of these memes then follow Slovenske smešne scene on Facebook for new jokes almost every day, and the world will slowly reveal itself to you. 

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