16 Cardboard Police Officers Join Force to Cut Speeding

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STA, 15 March 2021 - The Traffic Safety Agency (AVP) handed over 16 cardboard cut-outs of police officers holding radar guns that get drivers into thinking they are approaching an actual speed trap. The agency believes that putting them in certain critical road segments would improve safety as traffic is being intensified with the warmer weather. 

AVP director Jože Hribar told the press on the occasion that, as warmer and clearer days were coming, traffic on Slovenian roads would only grow heavier, with the number of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders also increasing.

"Cut-outs of police officers make drivers slow down. The measure has shown to be very effective," he said, adding that statistics showed that speeds at locations where cut-outs were put were lower by as much as 20% than elsewhere.


Ivan Kapun, the head of the traffic police sector, noted that cut-outs had shown to be effective in the past, adding that, as the motorcycle season was approaching, traffic was expected to intensify around tourist destinations and on scenic roads.

The police will decide on their own where to put the cut-outs, and they already have certain sections in mind, including along the Soča river in the west, and the city of Koper on the sea coast, as well as other roads attractive to bikers.

"It is a more lenient approach that encourages drivers to respect road traffic rules before they even run into a police patrol. I hope we will be able to prevent many road casualties," added Kapun.

On the occasion, the AVP presented road safety statistics for this year, noting that the number of accidents that took place by 5 March was down by 39% compared to the same period last year. Eight people were killed, compared to 11 last year.

However, the statistics for pedestrians is worrying, as they have been involved in 66 traffic accidents this year, and four have been killed, and 13 sustained grave injuries and 34 light injuries. One pedestrian was killed in the same period last year.

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