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Rafting  on the River Soča Rafting on the River Soča slovenia-activities.com

Thanks to its enviable geographical diversity with a vast network of pristine rivers and lakes, Slovenia is awash with fun water-related activities. From a relaxing swim or paddle-boarding trip, to adrenaline-pumping white-water adventures, the country is dotted with numerous water sports locations which become especially inviting during hotter summer months.

The region that stands out in terms of outdoor recreation is undoubtedly the mountainous area of the northwest, and Slovenia’s Julian Alps have become a mecca for rafting enthusiasts. Each year, the Soča River, appropriately labelled the Emerald Queen, attracts thousands of locals and tourists who come to tackle its amazing rapids. The Soča offers all levels of difficulty as it carves its way through the mesmerizingly gorgeous valley of the same name. Other rivers, including the Sava, Upper Savinja, Krka and Kolpa, are superb rafting destinations where you can enjoy a fantastic selection of rapids and pools, accompanied by spectacular countryside.

Besides rafting, many regions of Slovenia pride themselves with excellent kayaking conditions. The wild Soča, the slightly calmer Sava Dolinka and the easy flowing Kolpa are unquestionably the main kayaking rivers, but for those who are looking for some slow-paced paddling, the Ljubljanica is the river to venture down. Flowing through one of Europe’s greenest capitals, the Ljubljanica takes you from the protected marshlands straight into the Ljubljana’s vibrant centre, combining sightseeing with physical recreation. And for the more advanced kayakers, a slalom course on the Sava River on the outskirts of Ljubljana ensures superbly versatile practice runs.

Another increasingly popular water activity in Slovenia is the peculiar yet exhilarating sport of canyoning. It involves a unique way of exploring nature’s wonderful architecture by jumping, abseiling and sliding down hidden gorges with narrow passages, stunning waterfalls and crystal-clear pools in a surreally beautiful environment. Slovenia is home to numerous canyoning locations of varying difficulty. From the relatively demanding variations found at Fratarica and Grmečica, to more family-friendly descents at Jereka and Sušec – canyoning presents an exciting combination of adventure and sport where you can discover nature’s mysteries up-close and personal.

Whichever water activity you decide to engage in, remember that safety is paramount. Joining an organised group led by a professional guide who supplies you with all the necessary equipment and knowhow is the recommended way of traversing down Slovenia’s rivers and gorges.

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