Floating Castle Festival 26-31 August: Istria, Koper, Snežnik Castle

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Floating Castle Festival 26-31 August: Istria, Koper, Snežnik Castle All Photos: Floating Castle Archive

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August 18, 2019

The seventh edition of the Floating Castle Festival, with about 25 daily shows, with music and stage performances (including puppet shows for kids) is about to take place in the Slovenian Littoral between August 26 and 31 (2019).  

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Floating castle, also known as Ethno Histeria until 2014, became Floating Castle On the Road for this year, since it recently lost its headquarters at the beautiful but slightly remote location of Snežnik Castle, which might not be that bad after all since now the festival has moved a bit closer to the broader public again. The first four days will take place at four quaint Istrian villages not far away from coastal capital of Koper/Capodistria. Also, anyone who’d like to avoid getting lost on the countryside roads can reserve a seat on the so called Džumbus Bus, which will be driving from Ukmar Square (Koper) to the location of a day for a price of 5 EUR for a return ticket. For reservations contact Maja at 041 778 061.

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Once there, shows are free but visitors are encouraged to donate 2 EUR to a hat.

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In case you’d like to spend the night nearby, there are rooms available (here) and four separate grounds for camping as well (click here for details).

On Friday, August 30, the festival will move to the streets of Koper and on Saturday, the festival summer will conclude at the festival’s origin, Snežnik Castle.

For venues, the line up, contact and further details please visit the festival’s website.

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