New Flights to Connect Maribor with Munich and Antwerp from February

By , 08 Jan 2018, 19:17 PM Travel
New Flights to Connect Maribor with Munich and Antwerp from February Wikimedia

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Travellers to and from Germany and Belgium now have more options. 

Accordinf to an STA report released January 8, 2018, the Belgian-Slovenian VLM Airlines, whose parent SHS Aviation runs Maribor Airport, has announced it would start flying a regular route between Maribor, Germany's Munich and Belgium's Antwerp as of 12 February.

VLM Airlines will fly a 50-seater Fokker between Antwerp and Maribor with a stopover in Munich every workday, leaving the Belgian city at around 10 AM, stopping in Munich around midday and landing in Maribor at 2:20 PM.

The return flight will start half an hour later and is expected in Belgium at around 7 PM.

VLM Airlines will start selling one-way tickets on 10 January.

Karl Rickard, the CEO of the airline, believes the new connection will not only benefit companies in Maribor and its surroundings but also individuals seeking a city break.

"Passengers from Slovenia will have an easy way of travelling to Antwerp, one of the biggest European ports, the capital of diamond trade and the second largest petrochemical hub in the world," Rickard said, adding that the city is only a stone's throw away from other Belgian and Dutch cities.

VLM Airlines is owned by SHS Aviation, which also operates Maribor Airport through Aerodrom Maribor. SHS aviation bought the airport operator in December 2016.

VLM airlines is the common trading name for the Slovenian carrier VLM Airlines and the Belgian carrier SHS Antwerp Aviation.

Excluding a couple of flights to Croatia's Split and Dubrovnik in the summer, the airline has not operated a regular route from Maribor Airport until now.

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