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Whether you tend to birdie, bogie, or blow up, the country has enough varied courses to keep both residents and visitors coming back for more. 

Golf in Slovenia is a growing market, driven by variety, scenery and proximity. It’s possible to play on courses of various styles, and in different climates, even if only here on a few days’ vacation, as the driving distances between them are relatively short, and all are reachable in a couple of hours from Ljubljana. You can thus tee off among mountains or vineyards, and with many options for other activities before or after a round, from indulging in gastronomic adventures, castle sightseeing, spa treatments or something more physically demanding.

We won’t pretend to a good, or even minimally competent golfer, and you’re more likely to find us perfecting our grip at the nineteenth hole than at the driving range, so the following list is just a brief rundown of the various options around the country, as listed by region, and including 18-, 9- and 6-hole courses. However, if you’re looking for rankings then we’ll direct you to an article published in late 2017 on the website – which seems to be staffed by experienced and well-travelled players. This claims that the ‘top 5’ courses in Slovenia are as follows: 1) Royal Bled, 2) Grad Otočec, 3) Arboretum Ljubljana, 4) Ptuj and 5) Diners CUBO Ljubljana.

Note that some of the places listed below close over the winter, so check the opening dates, and, since prices change on the day and time, do visit the websites to get the current details.

Finally, all courses, apart from Ljubljana’s Trnovo, require you to be a licensed player, although if you’re a foreigner there may be exceptions for people who have “left their paperwork at home”.


Royal Bled: 18- and 9-hole courses, open March to November
The first course in Slovenia to be included on the list of the best and most beautiful golf courses in the region of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Royal Bled is the high end in terms of name, with a price to match. Still, you get what you pay for, and in this case it’s access to the oldest and largest course in country, with amazing views of the Slovenian Alps. Website

Golf Club Bovec: 9-hole course, open March to December 6
Another course with views of the Alps is this 9-hole one in Bovec, with,once again, stunning views, and easy access to the River Soča and the varied delights that are available in the area (kayaking, canyoning, hiking, fishing, paragliding, and much more, as detailed here). Website

Golf Brdo: 9-hole course, open mid-March to November
This course is relatively short and easy, thus making it especially appealing to beginners, with eight of the nine holes being par 3, and just one par 4. Website

Golf Klub Kranjska Gora: 6-hole course, open March to November
The only 6-hole course on the list is, like the other courses in the North West, located in a stunning, mountain environment. Website (Slovene only)


Lipica Golf Resort: 9-hole course, open all year
Moving down from the mountains, Lipica Golf Course is set in a typical karst landscape with a Mediterranean climate that enables all-year play and a trip here is easily combined with a visit to the famous stud farm or Škocjan Caves, less well known than Postojana but just as impressive. Website


Diners CUBO Golf Ljubljana: 18 holes, open all year, except when there’s snow on the ground
Located by the popular scenic area of Šmarna Gora Hill, the closest 18-hole course to the capital is a long course (6,200 m) with considerable “dynamic diversity” along the way. As the name suggests, the place is also known for its restaurant and general hospitality. Website

Golf Arboretum: 18-hole course, open from March until the first snow falls (usually the start of December)
A relatively new course in country, this one lets you play in full view of the Kamnik Alps, and is beside the Arboretum nature park, with 80 hectares of varied plant life growing in well-designed landscape park. The course itself is a relatively short 5,400 m. Website

Golf Trnovo: 9-hole course, open “until the first snow falls”, but roughly from March to November
The golf course closest to downtown Ljubljana is also the only public course in the country, and the only one that people don’t need a license a play on. Website


Livada Golf Course, Moravske Toplice: 18-hole course, open all year “weather permitting”
This course is part of the Moravske Toplice spa resort, making it ideal for a relaxing getaway that combines some walking in the open air with some soaking in hot water as well as various other wellness activities and treatments. Website

Amon Olimje: 9-hole course, open March to October
Another golf course nearby a spa and vineyard, Amon Olimje offers varied terrain with each of the nine holes requiring a different approach. Website

Ptuj Golf Course: 18-hole course, open roughly mid-March to the end of November
The winner of the title “best-designed golf course in Slovenia” on several occasions times, while the Ptuj Golf Course is known for its many traps, especially water obstacles, it isn’t considered the most challenging round in the country. Website

Zlati Grič, Slovenske Konjice: 9-hole course, open March to November
The Zlati Grič course is in the River Dravinja valley and set between the Pohorje Hills and Mt. Konjiška Gora. With a total length of 2,200m, the par for the course is 33. Website (Slovene only)


Golf Grad Otočec: 18-hole course, open March to October
This Otočec Golf Course is nearby two castles, Otočec and Struga by the River Krka, and visitors can enjoy the gently hilly terrain and a round that offers considerable variety in length and challenge. The longest hole on this championship course, number 12, is 568m, as shown below.

Golf Club Grad Mokrice: 18-hole course, open until the first snow falls (usually early December, then closed until mid-March)
This course plays around Mokrice Castle, and the fifth hole, 285m long and a par 4, is said to be one of the most difficult in the region, so don’t be surprised if you find it rather challenging. Website (Slovene only)

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