Fishmarket Footbridge, One of the Best Photo Spots in Ljubljana

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A view from the bridge it's easy to miss A view from the bridge it's easy to miss JL Flanner

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A simple bridge that does what it should. 

September 05, 2018

Arguably one of the worst views in Paris is from the top of the Eiffel Tower, as from there you can’t see the structure that makes the city instantly recognizable. Once you understand this then the idea of looking at or taking pictures of what may be the two prettiest bridges in Ljubljana – Triple Bridge (Tromostovje) and Shoemaker’s Bridge Čevljarski most or Šuštarski most) – obviously requires some consideration. Where’s the best place to do this, if not on the bridges themselves?


Easy to overlook, Fishmarket Footbridge. Photo: JL Flanner


Heading up to Congress Square, with the bridge blending into the surroundings. Photo: JL Flanner


The view when walking to Fishmarket Square, and into the Old Town. Photo: JL Flanner

It’s here that a rather humble structure comes into its own, set in a location chosen by Plečnik but only built decades after his death, and following a more modern design. It’s the Fishmarket Footbridge (Ribja brv), built in 2014 – as shown in the following videos – and designed by Arhitektura d.o.o, with the lead architects being Peter Gabrijelčič and Boštjan Gabrijelčič.

A video showing how the bridge almost disappears into the environment

It was designed to be as minimal and transparent as possible, connecting Fishmarket Square (Ribij trg) and the Gerber stairway, leading to Congress Square (Kongresni trg), while serving as a viewing platform for Shoemaker’s Bridge and Triple Bridge. Facing the latter also provides an excellent view of Prešeren Square, and especially of the big pink Franciscan Church, as shown in the images below.


Photo: Visit Ljubljana,


Photo: Visit Ljubljana, Andrzej Kuchno


Photo: JL Flanner

Turn around and you’ll see my favourite bridge, in aesthetic terms, the very Plečnik Shoemakers’ Bridge (aka Cobblers Bridge), with its distinctive columns supporting nothing but air.


Photo: Visit Ljubljana, S Rancov


Photo: Visit Ljubljana, Dunja Wedam

Fishmarket Bridge also provides good views of the side of the river, which in summer are all weeping willows and flowers, while in winter they have a nice, austere quality, as shown in the first image below, and in December, with the lights, the views are magical.


Photo: Xenia6 (Instagram)


Photo: Visit Ljubljana, D Wedam

The bridge is thus admirable in both its utility and humility, serving it’s connecting purpose while blending into the background, and well worth pausing to enjoy the next time you’re in the area, whether or not you want to take a picture or just enjoy the view in the moment.

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