Where to in Maribor: Wakeboard Park Dooplek

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Where to in Maribor: Wakeboard Park Dooplek Photo: Wakepark Dooplek

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Slovenia is slowly waking to the potential of abandoned gravel pit lakes. 

August 1, 2018

Cable Wake Park Dooplek, located just at the outskirts of Maribor, presents the first full size cable service for water skating in Slovenia, and an exciting new way to cool off this summer. It’s located at an abandoned gravel pit lake and serves as an exemplary model for the development of similar locations, of which there are quite a few in the country.


Gravel pit lakes (gramoznice) are semi-natural lakes formed after the extraction of gravel at a site hits the groundwater, which then fills the pit and thereby forms a lake. As groundwater is usually heavily filtered and clean, such places attract many visitors, despite the absence of any commercial activity and infrastructure. One problem for the exploitation of such places for commercial purposes is the lack of regulatory authorities that would ensure public and environmental safety, but now this is changing.

In fact, Wakeboard Park Dooplek had a predecessor in a similar but less professionally organised water skating site at a gravel pit lake near Brežice, namely the First WakePark, which had to shut down in 2016, a year before the Dooplek began operations.

Wakepark Dooplek was developed in a close cooperation with the local municipality, and besides the cable and waterskating park includes a “beach”, bar and restaurant. A two-hour cable ticket will cost you 20 euros for an adult, and 17 if not. Click here for further details.



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