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14 Nov 2019, 17:01 PM

STA, 14 November - The total assets of 100 wealthiest Slovenians amount to EUR 5.6 billion, down 2% over 2018, the magazine Manager says on Thursday, attributing the drop to a worse outlook for doing business. The spouses Iza Sia Login and Samo Login continue to top the list for the sixth year running.

The Logins are the main founders of Outfit7, the company which has developed globally popular apps, which was sold for US$1 billion to China's United Luck Group in 2017.

Their assets are estimated at EUR 689 million, the same as in 2018.

Similarly, the second placed Sandi Češko and his partner Livija Dolanc have recently sold their 55% stake in Studio Moderna, an omni-channel retailer.

But their wealth is estimated much lower than that of the Logins, at EUR 296 million, a drop of 11% from last year.

Marko Pistotnik is another former owner of Outfit7 among the top 10, placing third with assets worth EUR 210 million, flat with 2018.

Placing fourth is the Lah family of financial investors with EUR 169 million, up 11%, followed by Joc Pečečnik, owner of gaming products provider Interblock, with EUR 155 million, down 20%.

Igor Akrapovič, the owner of exhaust maker Akrapovič, placed sixth with EUR 135 million, up 4%, while Damian Merlak, who sold his cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp last year, is eighth with EUR 124m.

Rounding off the top ten rankings is construction magnate Dari Južna and his spouse Vesna Južna, whom Manager estimates to have EUR 111 million, up 10%.

The biggest leap was made by Boštjan Bandelj, founder of Belektron, a fast-growing company trading in emission coupons. His assets rose by 150% to EUR 98.8 million.

The magazine says that ever more founders of companies managing parking lots make it to the 100 top list, having constantly invested in the companies developing them to net tens of million euros.

The profit and loss statements of the companies owned by the wealthiest lot show that many have practically no debt, Manager points out.

This year's list features only one newcomer, while ten individuals or families made it to the list again after a break.

The magazine also notes that the least wealthy of the 100 richest Slovenians has EUR 22.2 million in assets, EUR 2 million less than the last-placed last year.

TOP 10

1  Iza and Samo Login             EUR 689m (+0%)
2  Sandi Češko and Livija Dolanc  EUR 296m (-11%)
3  Marko Pistotnik                EUR 210m (+0%)
4  Lah family                     EUR 169m (+11%)
5  Joc Pečečnik                   EUR 155m (-20%)
6  Igor Akrapovič                 EUR 135m (+4%)
7  Tatjana and Albin Doberšek     EUR 126m (-31%)
8  Damian Merlak                  EUR 124m (+0%)
9  Franc Frelih                   EUR 112m (+20%)
10 Dari and Vesna Južna           EUR 111m (+10%)
16 Nov 2018, 11:50 AM

STA, 15 November 2018 - Samo and Iza Login, the founders of tech firm Outfit7, top the list of the 100 richest Slovenians, compiled by Manager magazine, for the fifth year in a row. Their assets are estimated at EUR 689m, while total assets of the top 100 have been estimate at EUR 5.7bn, a new record and 10% more than last year.

The Logins are the principal founders of the company best known for its globally successful app Talking Tom, which they sold to the Chinese United Luck Group for US$1bn in January 2016.

The couple has transferred the proceeds from the sale to a family non-profit charity organisation, which looks for solutions for global environmental problems, said the newspaper publisher Finance, which publishes Manager magazine.

Following the Logins is Sandi Češko, the owner of multichannel retailer Studio Moderna, with EUR 334m, and Marko Pistotnik, one of the former owners of Outfit7, with EUR 210m.

€24.2m gets you to the bottom of the Richest Slovenians list

Also in the top five are Joc Pečečnik, the owner of gaming products provider Interblock, with EUR 194m, and Tatjana and Albin Doberšek of the Germany-based Engineering Dobersek, with EUR 183m.

With total assets of the top 100 breaking a new record this year, the threshold for making it to the exclusive company was also up to EUR 24.2m from EUR 20.4m last year.

This year's list features five newcomers and five individuals or families who have returned to the top 100.

The highest-ranking newcomer is Izet Rastoder, the owner of the banana trading company, Rastoder, who ranks 40th with EUR 36.2m.

The property Manager takes into account in compiling the list is majority stakes in companies or co-ownership.

Since many Slovenian businessmen have sold their companies over the past few years, the share of the proceeds from the sales in the total property of 100 richest Slovenians has been increasing to reach around 25% this year, Finance explained.

23 Nov 2017, 13:25 PM

Outfit7 founders Iza and Samo Login prove that you can become a very successful entrepreneur in Slovenia, whereas Bitstamp’s founders prove that you can be young and successful in Slovenia, but if you are a single woman, your chances of being on the list are small, around 5%.

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