Rangers Fans Go Wild in Maribor (0:0 Result, Highlights & Fan Videos)

By , 17 Aug 2018, 09:40 AM Sport
Rangers Fans Go Wild in Maribor (0:0 Result, Highlights & Fan Videos) Screenshot from one of the embedded videos

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British fans live down to their reputation.

August 17, 2018

The Maribor vs Glasgow Rangers match ended in a nil nil draw, but the game will be remembered in the town more for the performance of the British fans than the players, as the former brought along their drums, smoke bombs, thirst for lager and eagerness for a fight, resulting in the riot police being called in, as shown in the following videos, with the match highlights at the end of the post.

Update - According to numerous local media reports, six of the estimted 650 British fans were arrested before the game to prevent violence. Pepper spray was also used to control the Rangers supporters, with one woman taken to hospital after inhaling it, although she was later released in good condition. Another British man was arrested in the stadium and then taken to hospital because of 'health problems and extreme drunkeness'.

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