Cultural Organisations Call on Govt to Lift COVID Restrictions on Events

By , 15 Feb 2022, 11:30 AM Politics
Cultural Organisations Call on Govt to Lift COVID Restrictions on Events JL Flanner

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STA, 15 February 2022 - Cultural institutions and associations have addressed a letter to decision-makers to fully reopen cultural venues in Slovenia, and lift all coronavirus restrictions which govern organising and visiting cultural events by 21 February at the latest.

The appeal, which was among others sent to the president, government, parliament and political parties, was signed by 70 organisations, including most theatres and museums, several festivals and arts centres, as well as Kino Šiška and the GIZ KOS association of concert organisers.

Slovenia's culture and events sector have quickly adapted to provide for safe events, "but they cannot adapt to excessive measures which hamper or fully prevent a large segment of events which can be organised only without seats and distancing and with venues filled to full capacity if events are to be economically feasible".

The letter says that Slovenia is one of few countries where not only masks and a Covid pass but also distancing of visitors who need to sit on fixed seats is required. It says that compared to Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria and Croatia, only Slovenia has such strict restrictions.

The signatories argue that the restrictions no longer contribute to improving the epidemiological situation, so they urge the government to gradually scrap them, first the restrictions about distancing and fixed seats, and in the next stage, which should follow soon, the Covid pass, while masks should become recommended.

The letter says that after two years of closures and restrictions, and events held under impossible conditions in between, "it is time for the doors of cultural venues to open widely and for culture to breath with full lungs".

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