Employers, Unions Encourage Want People to Get Vaccinated, Back to Normal

By , 24 Nov 2021, 18:44 PM Politics
Employers, Unions Encourage Want People to Get Vaccinated, Back to Normal covid-19.sledilnik.org

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STA, 24 November - Organisations representing employers and trade unions on the Economic and Social Council, the main industrial relations forum, have issued a joint call on Wednesday urging people to respect Covid-19 restrictions and get vaccinated.

Slovenia is in extremely difficult situation because of Covid-19, said the organisations, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), the Chamber of Commerce (TZS), the Employers' Association and the ZSSS, Pergam, KS 90, KSJS and several other trade unions.

"We must realise that only responsible action by each individual and by all of us together can reduce the spread of infections and enable our life to return to normal," they wrote.

Higher vaccination rates can contribute the most to containing the spread of Covid-19, or at least faster recovery from the disease, and thus to relieving pressure on healthcare, which is on the edge of its capacities.

The employer associations and trade union thus urged people to be consistent in showing and checking the required documents on meeting the recovered, vaccinated, tested rule.

Companies should keep records on self-testing of employees and all citizens should be consistent in using protective masks, keeping a distance, hand sanitising and ventilating offices, they said, adding this was the only way to keep businesses running.

They warned though that government measures for preventing the spreading of Covid-19 must be clear, logical, sensible, proportionate and undiscriminating, and presented to the people on time and in a clear and understandable way.

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