Slovenia’s Opposition Considering a Fresh, Better Organised Attempt to Defeat Janša

By , 15 Jul 2021, 11:38 AM Politics
SocDem leader Tanja Fajon SocDem leader Tanja Fajon Twitter

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STA, 14 July 2021 - The centre-left opposition are considering mounting a fresh attempt to oust the Janez Janša government after failing with a vote of no confidence in February and an impeachment in May. This time, they will carry out the plan only if they are certain of their majority.

If the opposition gathers 46 votes, it will table a motion of no confidence, SocDem leader Tanja Fajon said on Wednesday after meeting the leaders of the LMŠ, Left, SAB and unaffiliated MPs.

The five deputy groups do not have 46 votes among them and are counting on the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS), which was split in the two previous attempts and did not deliver the majority.

DeSUS has been in disarray for months and under its latest president, Ljubo Jasnič, disputes between the party leadership and its MPs, who tend to vote with the government, have not been ironed out.

According to Fajon, the centre-left opposition will keep an eye on four key votes this week, including on the law on the national demographic fund and the new digital transformation minister, to see how DeSUS votes.

While a vote of no confidence in the entire government requires the proponents to put forward a candidate for prime minister, Fajon indicated a name had not been chosen yet.

"But any one of us who shows this interest or ambition should be ready," she said.

The attempt comes after the government suffered several defeats within just days. After a new waters act was overwhelmingly rejected in a referendum, the National Council vetoed amendments to the communicable diseases act and the candidate for the new Constitutional Court judge was not confirmed.

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