Police Investigate Posters Calling Covid-19 Experts Murderers of Slovenian Nation

By , 12 Dec 2020, 13:07 PM Politics
Police Investigate Posters Calling Covid-19 Experts Murderers of Slovenian Nation Twitter

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STA, 11 December 2020 - Ljubljana and Novo Mesto police are investigating posters and graffiti which have appeared in both cities and labelled some medical experts exposed during the coronavirus epidemic "murderers of the Slovenian nation".

Posters with an image of NIJZ director Milan Krek appeared overnight in Novo Mesto, south-east, labelling him a murderer of the Slovenian nation, the regional news portal Moja Dolenjska reported today.

The Novo Mesto Police Department told the STA the police had noticed the posters and flyers already on Thursday. It launched an investigation and notified the local authorities, which removed them.

The Ljubljana Police Department said similar stickers and graffiti also appeared in the Slovenian capital. The police are now gathering facts and information.

Moja Dolenjska reported the threats in Ljubljana targeted Covid-19 task force head Bojana Beović, Golnik Clinic director Aleš Rozman, who is also a member of the task force, and the government's coronavirus spokesperson Jelko Kacin.

Krek was a target of threats and harassment before. He told the STA earlier this week he had received the last life threat last Friday, while he was often followed when leaving the NIJZ offices.

At the end of November, he made headlines when rapper and anti-masker Zlatko followed him in the street posing as a journalist and video-recording him.

Rozman meanwhile said a while ago he had been receiving offensive and threatening e-mails by anonymous senders.

Last Friday the criminal police received reports of threats made to staff advising the government on Covid-19, and provided them with police protection.

It did not specify how many advisers had received the threatening letters or which measures had been introduced to protect them.

Two days later, the Medical Chamber condemned all such threats saying they were unacceptable, and urged police to act.

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