Janša Calls Election for Trump, Despite Biden Leading in Votes, Electoral College

By , 04 Nov 2020, 11:19 AM Politics
Janša Calls Election for Trump, Despite Biden Leading in Votes, Electoral College Twitter

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Updated: 16:45

STA, 4 November 2020 - Prime Minister Janez Janša tweeted on Wednesday morning that it was "pretty clear that American people have elected Donald Trump" for another four-year term as US president. The more that there will be "delays and fact denying" from mainstream media, the bigger the final triumph for the president, Janša added.

Janša, who also congratulated the Republican Party "for strong results across the US", had endorsed Trump for a second term on 23 October.

"We respect difficult, tragic personal life of Joe Biden and some of his political achievements years ago. But today, if elected, he would be one of the weakest presidents in history. When a free world desperately needs strong US as never before. Go, win, Donald Trump," wrote Janša in English on Twitter then.

Janša's latest tweet prompted a series of questions from foreign media at the European Commission's midday briefing on Wednesday.

Commission chief spokesperson Eric Mamer would not comment on Janša's tweet, but said: "We will abide by whatever announcement is forthcoming officially by the relevant US authorities, and we think that everybody should do likewise."

Foreign reporters raised Janša's tweet from the aspect of the fight against disinformation and the EU principle that an electoral process is not commented on. They argued it should be said clearly at least it was wrong to do so.

In response Mamer said he did not say it was not wrong, while he reiterated that as a rule an electoral process was not to be commented on, something that should be followed, while Janša's tweet was going in a different direction.

A reaction also came from Croatian President Zoran Milanović in response to a journalist question about Janša's tweet at today's meeting with reporters in Koprivnica.

Referring to Slovenia's spell at the presidency of the Council of the EU next year, Milanović said: "I hope such conduct is not a sign of his conduct at the helm of the EU because this is not done in principle."

He added that it was well known in Croatia which side he favoured himself, but he would wait for the final results before making his assessment of the vote.

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