Covid & Slovenia, Tue 13/10: 398 New Cases, 3,308 Tests, 12% Positivity Rate; New Restrictions Coming Soon

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Covid & Slovenia, Tue 13/10: 398 New Cases, 3,308 Tests, 12% Positivity Rate; New Restrictions Coming Soon

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STA, 13 October 2020 - A total of 398 people tested positive for the new coronavirus on Monday, when 3,308 tests were performed, which means that the positivity rate remains high at 12%. Four persons died of Covid-19, government Covid-19 spokesperson Jelko Kacin said on Tuesday.

There are currently 180 people in hospital, up by eight from yesterday, of whom 32 need intensive care compared to 26 yesterday, according to according to data tracker Covid-19 Sledilnik.

The number of active cases in the country rose by 8.7% to 3,744, and the number of infections recorded in Slovenia so far now stands at 9,231.

The virus continues to spread in healthcare institutions and care homes. Several members of the staff in the Celje general hospital tested positive yesterday, the hospital confirmed for the STA.

Among those infected are 14 nurses and three doctors who worked at the infectious diseases unit, where Covid-19 patients are being treated. The hospital said this would strongly affect work at the hospital.

One patient who was treated at the unit caught the virus too and brought it to the Vojnik care home, according to the newspaper Večer. Two of her room mates were tested along with 17 staff who were in contact with her but the results of the tests are not in yet.

In the northern Koroška region, where the share of active cases is among the highest in the country, 14 new infections were confirmed on Monday, including at the Črneče unit of the Koroško care home, which has had no infections for a while.

Now seven residents and two members of the staff tested positive and two more staff members are quarantining.

The Slovenj Gradec unit of the care home reported of its first infection on Sunday. Currently, four residents are infected.

The situation in health institutions in the region is deteriorating and the Slovenj Gradec community centre suspended its dental services this week.

Koroška currently has 185 active cases, which is 0.262% of the population. The only region with a higher share is Gorenjska in the north-west with 0.266% of infected population, data provided by Covid-19 Sledilnik show.

The Public Administration Ministry also started publishing data on the functioning of the #OstaniZdrav contact tracing app today.

After receiving a green light from the information commissioner, the ministry started publishing the data on the number of TAN codes issued. The National Institute for Public Health issues the code to people infected with coronavirus, who enter it in the app.

In the last 14 days, 455 codes were issued, and 282 were entered in the app.

According to government Covid-19 spokesperson Jelko Kacin, more than 130,000 people have so far downloaded the app, which is 10% of all mobile phones users.

The Health Ministry meanwhile created a website that gives an overview of the number of Covid-19 patients in the country and beds available. This is to help the dispatching services and other institutions coordinate the patients.

Govt says situation calls for additional restrictive measures

STA, 13 October 2020 - Slovenia recorded more than 120 coronavirus infections per 100,000 resident in the last two weeks, and 180 Covid-19 patients are in hospitals, including more than 30 in intensive care, which means all the criteria for activating additional restrictive measures are fulfilled, government spokesperson Jelko Kacin announced on Tuesday.

The government will decide what measures from the last, third package of measures in the orange phase to take at Wednesday's session, he added.

These include lockdown of individual municipalities or regions, a general ban on visits to hospitals and other institutions, shutting down of bars and restaurants as well as gyms for non-professionals.

The government may also introduce a one-client rule for hairdressers and beauty salons, while events, religious ceremonies and weddings could be banned in certain municipalities or regions. All non-essential health and dental services could be suspended.

The government may opt for only some of these measures, according to Kacin.

The government guidelines for containing the second coronavirus wave are based on the parameters for the so-called orange and red phases, with respective measures being envisaged for each phase.

The parameters are the number of newly confirmed infections per 100,000 residents in the last 14 days, the number of hospitalised Covid-19 patients and the number of patients who require ventilation.

The cabinet will meet this afternoon to discuss the situation with the Health Ministry task forces and prepare for tomorrow's government session at which new measures are expected to be adopted.

A total of 397 people tested positive for the new coronavirus on Monday, when 3,308 tests were performed, and one Slovenian tested positive abroad, which means that the positivity rate remains high at 12%. There are currently 180 people in hospital, of whom 32 need intensive care.

Four persons infected with Covid-19 died, while 18 were discharged from hospital. In the last two weeks, Slovenia had 179 infections per 100,000 people, Kacin said.

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