New Covid Stimulus Proposes UBI for SPs, Furlough for Some Industries

By , 18 Sep 2020, 11:53 AM Politics
New Covid Stimulus Proposes UBI for SPs, Furlough for Some Industries CC-by-0

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STA, 17 September 2020 - The government has prepared the draft of a new anti-corona stimulus package. Unofficial information suggests the furlough scheme will be extended for some industries, universal basic income brought back for sole traders and the health system shored up.

Information obtained by the STA shows that the furlough scheme, whose last possible extension under current law expires at the end of September, will be extended until the end of the year.

Employers in tourism, events industries and coach transportation who have seen their revenue decline by over 30% over last year would be eligible.

The government also appears ready to head appeals by freelancers, many of whom have complained for months that they have not received sufficient aid since the three-month income support scheme expires in June.

The latest proposal involves a universal basic income for the self-employed who cannot perform their activities or whose business has declined by over 40% on last year.

From October through December they would be eligible for a EUR 700 universal basic income plus a waiver of social security contributions.

When a self-employed person would be ordered to quarantine, they would receive an income support of EUR 350.

The parents of children up to grade 5 who are ordered to quarantine would be entitled to a compensation equalling 80% of pay.

Several measures reportedly target the health system, most notably a provision under which additional funding would be secured for a special tender for specific health services where waiting times are currently the longest.

The national budget would finance one-month reserve of personal protective equipment for all public health institutions.

Health and social workers who work directly with Covid-19 patients would get a special 50% hourly bonus, according to the proposal.

The blueprint represent what would be the fifth omnibus legislative package designed to help the economy recover from coronavirus.

According to plans, social partners will be briefed about the plan at a session of the Economic and Social Council on Friday.

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