Coronavirus & Slovenia, Fri 28/08: 42 New Cases Thursday; Survey: Lockdown Easier for Men than Women

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Coronavirus & Slovenia, Fri 28/08: 42 New Cases Thursday; Survey: Lockdown Easier for Men than Women JL Flanner

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STA, 28 August 2020 - 42 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in Slovenia on Thursday when a total of 1,338 tests were performed, the government said as it released the most recent data on Friday. This brought the total number of cases to 2,797, with 428 being active infections, according to the national tracker Covid-19.sledilnik.

The biggest number of new infections, 5, was confirmed in Maribor and 4 in Ljubljana. 22 people were in hospital yesterday, with one requiring intensive care.

Nobody died on Thursday, which leaves the total death toll at 133.

Epidemiologist Maja Grgič Vitek told the press in the afternoon that the figures were not showing any sign of the situation calming down.

Of the 42 new cases recorded yesterday, 22 were transmitted within the country and six came from abroad: two each from Croatia and Kosovo and one each from Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Whereas weeks ago, the majority of new cases came from abroad, mostly Croatia, the situation has reversed, said Grgič Vitek, pointing out that transmissions within Slovenia surpassed cases from abroad four times.

Meanwhile, the Črneče nursing home has two residents who had tested positive, as well as a staff member. The first case was a new resident who got the infection from her sister before moving in. The second was another resident in the same ward and the third was a nurse who went into quarantine after Covid-19 was confirmed among residents.

The UKC Maribor hospital also said that four employees had been infected, all are members of the administrative staff and do not work with patients.

Men more likely than women to see lockdown as easy

STA, 28 August - A third of Slovenians perceived the coronavirus lockdown to be tough, a survey conducted by the pollster Mediana has shown. But nearly 30% of respondents, most of them men, said the situation was simple or that it improved their everyday lives.

Nearly 20% of the 506 respondents found that the lockdown was very easy and had even improved their lives, while another 20% said it was rather easy.

On the other hand, 20% said the lockdown was hard, while 10% said it was very hard and had tested their mental and physical health.

While significantly more men then women said that lockdown was easy, significantly fewer women agreed with this view.

Nearly 50% of the respondents said TV was their main source of news during lockdown, followed by online news portals, which were the main source of news for about 30%.

The Mediana survey was conducted online between 9 and 10 July.

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