Police Remove Protesters Reading Constitution in Front of Parliament

By , 20 Jun 2020, 09:55 AM Politics
Police Remove Protesters Reading Constitution in Front of Parliament Twitter

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STA, 19 June 2020 - Anti-government protesters again took to the streets across Slovenia Friday evening. In Ljubljana, some of the protesters entered the square outside the Parliament House which had been completely fenced off, to read the Constitution. After refusing to move, they were physically removed by the riot police.

While the Republic Square served as the centre for rallies in the previous weeks, today it was completely fenced off by the police and most of the protesters gathered in Prešeren Square instead for the start of the rally at 7 pm, before eventually starting to move toward the Parliament House.

The several thousand people carried banners and whistles, as has become customary. Moreover, a number of protesters dressed black today, after Prime Minister Janez Janša referred to blackshirts in his comment of the protests.

Among the few dozen who read the Constitution in Republic Square were several artists, including author and comedian Andrej Rozman Roza. After some refused to leave the square after being ordered to do so, they were carried off.

The complete closure of the square raised dust among protesters, with the Ljubljana Police Administration telling the STA that the step had been taken in order to protect the Parliament House, to uphold public peace and order, prevent criminal acts from taking place and ensure road safety, as well as to uphold the ban on gathering of more than 500 people.

"When providing for security, we always take into account the known circumstances and information acquired about the protests. Because today's rally has not been reported and has no known organiser, who is... bound to ensure safety of the participants, security was adjusted," the police said of the closed-off square.

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