Janša Calls Constitutional Court “Politically Biased”

By , 26 Apr 2020, 11:30 AM Politics
Members of Constitutional Court, July 2018 Members of Constitutional Court, July 2018 Photo - Daniel Novakovič for us-rs.si, public domain

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STA, 25 April 2020 - Embracing a dissenting opinion in a recent Constitutional Court ruling, which tasked the government with examining each week whether its lockdown restrictions remain justified, Prime Minister Janez Janša tweeted on Saturday that "Slovenia unfortunately has the most politically biased Constitutional Court so far".

"Double standards mean the death of any institution, especially judicial. They are setting up so called selective justice," Janša wrote.

He added the current line-up of the Constitutional Court was in the "majority formed in line with the wishes of the left and far-left ideological sphere, and even changes its position on uniform matters depending on the day".

The prime minster wrote this as a comment of a dissenting opinion issued by Constitutional Court judge Klemen Jaklič, who had also been against the court admitting the challenge to the lockdown decree in the first place.

While the court is still deliberating on the challenge as a whole and only suspended a provision that stated the measures will be in place "until the cessation of the reasons", Jaklič argued that the petitioner had failed to prove legitimate legal interest and seek justice at lower instances first.

He added the feeling had been created that the court was selecting privileged petitioners in what violated the law and constitutional rules.

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