Eurobarometer: 72% of Slovenes Feel Like EU Citizens, With Mostly Favourable Attitudes to Membership

By , 23 Dec 2018, 12:31 PM Politics
"Do you feel like an EU citizen?" "Do you feel like an EU citizen?" A figure from the Eurobarometer survey, with a link to the full report at the end of the story

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STA, 21 December 2018 - The autumn Eurabarometer poll shows that 38% of Slovenians have a positive attitude towards the EU and 18% have a negative attitude. In general, 43% of Europeans think positively about the EU and 20% have a negative attitude towards the bloc.

Half of Slovenian respondents said that they felt like their voice mattered and 45% said it did not. Moreover, 72% said they felt like EU citizens, while the average EU share was at 71%.

The poll also shows a record 75% support for the economic and monetary union, as well as the euro; the support is highest in Slovenia, at 86%.

Nearly 50% of Europeans believe that the bloc's economy was doing well, while 38% think the opposite. In Slovenia, 65% believe the EU economy is good and 29% think the opposite.

The poll suggests that 40% of Europeans are concerned by migrations, 20% are worried about terrorism and 19% by the state of public finance.

In Slovenia 58% of the respondents are worried by migrations, 20% are worried about terrorism and 13% are worried about the economy.

The Eurobarometer poll was carried out between 8 and 22 November. It included 32,600 people from across the EU.

You can get the full PDF report, in English, French or German, here

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