Demokracija Offers Cash Prize for Best New Ethno-Nationalist Fairy Tale, Details Within…

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Demokracija Offers Cash Prize for Best New Ethno-Nationalist Fairy Tale, Details Within… Wikimedia - scbailey CC-by-2.0

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October 07, 2018

The right-wing political weekly Demokracija, which recently ran covers warning of the dangers that immigrants pose to Slovenian women and the LGBT community to their children, as shown below, has decided to help instill the patriotism and “correct values” (“prave vrednote”) in the younger generation by launching a competition for a new fairytale that promotes heteronormativity and patriotism.

demokracija new fairy talle.png

Two recent covers of the weekly

In an article published October 4, and with the headline “Let's ensure that our children receive the right values ​​and they love Slovenia”, the publisher has opened a competition, running until October 19 2018, for a new and original Slovene fairytale, suitable for children up to 10 years of age.

The terms of the competition can be seen in the original Slovene in the article, but the key points are roughly translated as follows:

Both established and first-time authors may enter in their texts, which should fulfill the following conditions.

The fairy tale should be between 5,000 and 8,000 characters long.

The fairy tale must be original, unpublished and written in the Slovene language. The fairy tale should address the dangers posed by multiculturalism and illegal migration.

The fairy tale must strengthen the national consciousness and encourage children to be patriotic and part of a traditional family, which is the foundation of Slovenia.

The fairy tale has to have positive (children, parents, family) and negative characters. The fairy tale should have a happy ending, or at least give the impression that justice and truth, national consciousness, patriotism and family will always win.

More detailed guidelines are available in the original story. After the deadline of October 19, an expert commission will select the three best stories and award them prizes. The first prize is €300, the second €200 euros, and the third €100.

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