The Left Refuses to Formalise Cooperation with Minority Govt.

By , 21 Sep 2018, 16:50 PM Politics
Levica's logo, and Prime Minister Šarec Levica's logo, and Prime Minister Šarec

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STA, 21 September 2018 - The Left will not formalise a tentative agreement that allowed the appointment of the Marjan Šarec minority government next week, but talks on re-establishing trust will continue, Left leader Luka Mesec said after a meeting with Šarec on Friday. 

The Left and the coalition were to seal the cooperation agreement on Tuesday, but the signing never happened due to mounting tensions.

Tensions peaked with the appointment of Damir Črnčec as Šarec's state secretary in charge of national security. Mesec reiterated today that the Left could not accept the appointment of Črnčec, a radical opponent of migration.

"We decided to endorse Šarec as prime minister-designate to prevent politics of hatred and incitement from coming to power. Such politics is not only limited to the Democrats (SDS), it is also embodied in people like Črnčec," Mesec stressed.

According to him, Šarec, who did not give statements after the meeting, is unwilling to give Črnčec up, but "talks continue to establish if we can restore trust".

Mesec added that the Left operated in line with the agreement up to now, "but this cannot be said so clearly of the other side".

The Left is not trying to gain anything for itself, it is only trying to ensure that "civilisational standards are respected and that a clear line is drawn about what is acceptable and what is not in a government that calls itself centre-left".

The Left believes that some ministers and members of the coalition parties are trying to downplay the cooperation agreement as though it was "a nice wish list".

Moreover, the party has not received any word about the budget from the government, "despite it being a key document in which the Left's backing is expected under the protocol".

The Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) and the Left are to continue talks next week, but it remains unclear at what level.

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