Janša: Every Day Under New Govt a Lost Day for Slovenia

By , 13 Sep 2018, 14:08 PM Politics
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STA, 13 September - The head of the Democrats (SDS) Janez Janša told parliament on Thursday that leading a coalition of "six parties, one of which with supra-coalition status" will be a nightmare for PM Marjan Šarec and that each day under such a government would be a day lost for Slovenia. 

Janša described the cabinet that is to be confirmed today as "a recycled version of what we were watching in the last four years", which he said was also reflected in copy-pasted sections of the coalition agreement.

"What worries are the spices added to this dish, but also what is missing," said Janša, whose SDS won the June 3 election but was not able to form a government.

He argued the main spice was the Left-induced "known philosophy of evil, dating back 170 years and based on a document that says it will be possible to form an ideal society where we'll all be equal by dismantling the nation, the family, religion, private property and private education".

The coalition agreement is meanwhile missing things like demographic measures and measures to tackle bureaucracy and corruption, Janša added.

He said the protocol governing the cooperation of the five parties and the Left will cause "very serious headaches" for Šarec.

While the SDS stands willing to support good proposals, it will not support uncoordinated proposals where the government will be looking for "artificial respiration assistance that would prolong the life of a constellation that has no quality".

He also touched on lobbies that he believes were involved in the forming of the new cabinet. He spoke of "the network of people who allowed Iran to launder EUR 1bn in Slovenia", groups that sought speculative gains during the issuing of state bonds, as well as construction and medical supplies lobbies.

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