Reporter: Šarec a Puppet of the “Deep State”

By , 20 Aug 2018, 14:04 PM Politics
"Secret Life of of Mr and Mrs Knavs" "Secret Life of of Mr and Mrs Knavs" The cover of this week's 'Reporter'

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A look at what the right-wing weekly is saying...

STA, 20 August 2018 - The right-wing magazine Reporter sticks by its claim in the latest editorial that Marjan Šarec is but the latest puppet of the deep state, and that he will be replaced by another "new face" when necessary.

In support of his claim, editor-in-chief Silvester Šurla offers developments before and after the June general election and Šarec's confidence.

He says that the "spokesmen" for the deep state publicly announced as soon as the polls closed that time had come for the Left to become part of a new government.

He argues that the Left's status as an opposition party is but a bluff.

"If the purpose of the Left's pretending about being an opposition party is to that the (real) opposition no longer has a majority in the parliamentary commissions exercising oversight of intelligence services and the budget, this is but another piece in the puzzle of Slovenia's 'Orbanisation' which our leftists are so fond of warning of."

Šurla says that the list of candidates for ministers proves that Miro Cerar's resignation as prime minister in spring was but a charade, considering that most members of his cabinet will be in the new one.

Zdravko Počivalšek, Anja Kopač Mrak and Mateja Vraničar Erman are tipped to keep their jobs as ministers of the economy, social affairs and finance, while outgoing Defence Minister Andreja Katič is said to be moving to the cohesion office and Irena Majcen from the environment to the agriculture portfolio. Dejan Židan will become the speaker and Miro Cerar the new foreign minister.

"As it appears now, Slovenia will get even more left-wing and even more incapacitated government than the one it had in the past four years.

"(...) Šarec has become yet another instant political product of the deep state which will work mainly for the benefit of the transition left ... The PM-elect is a guarantee that the network of the Forum 21 will remain intact ... Once the shelf-life date of his government expires another will be found and the caravan will move on.

"As Šarec's successor some already see UEFA boss Aleksander Čeferin. It may be someone else in the end, but the left never runs out of new faces. Meanwhile, the right is chronically short of them because some old faces cling to their positions as ticks, forcing their heads against the wall. That is where we are now," Šurla concludes under the headline ‘Unlucky Number 13’.

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