What Mladina and Demokracija Are Saying This Week…Aug 17, 2018

By , 17 Aug 2018, 10:57 AM Politics
Mladina: Happiness for Everyone, Not Only for a Handful. Demokracija: Look Out! Tit Turnšek (Still) on the Loose! Mladina: Happiness for Everyone, Not Only for a Handful. Demokracija: Look Out! Tit Turnšek (Still) on the Loose!

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The editorials from the leading weekly reviews of the Left and Right. 

Mladina: Tonin's ambitions will hurt NSi

The STA reports that Mladina takes issue with the interim parliamentary Speaker and New Slovenia (NSi) leader Matej Tonin in its latest editorial, saying Tonin needed only a few months to erase the things that started distinguishing the NSi from the fellow right-wing Democrats (SDS).

Editor-in-chief Grega Repovž finds it hard to understand how Tonin can claim to have done more in two months as a speaker than his predecessors in four years.

"One might attribute such a statement to the bad influence power has on people, but it seems more likely that an enormous desire for power is what is really happening here," Repovž says.

He is ready to do everything for five minutes of glory, and the power-hungry nature demonstrated also explains the unscrupulous way in which he dealt with his long-standing predecessor at the helm of the NSi Ljudmila Novak.

Tonin used the first chance to replace her, without giving it any real thought, without a vision, there was only the wish to become president.

And he only needed a few months to dismantle everything that was slowly establishing the NSi as an alternative to Janez Janša's SDS. There are no differences between the two parties today.

The time might come for Tonin to start reflecting about whether his ambitions have cost his party the place it might have had among voters on the right.

Is it not a little embarrassing for the conservative side of the political arena to constantly be occupied by a party that has the largest number of former communists among all parties?

It is also possible that the thinking will have to be done by the party without Tonin, Repovž says in the commentary entitled ‘Let's Talk About the Christian Democrats’.

Demokracija: The Left will rule Slovenia from "opposition"

Slovenia is in for a "grotesque nightmare and a ticking bomb", with Marjan Šarec as prime minister and five parties which hold numerous grudges against one another in a coalition, the weekly Demokracija says in its latest commentary, and as reported by the STA, adding that the Left will actually rule the country from the "opposition".

The country will be ruled by the Left or the deep state, which stands behind it, editor-in-chief Jože Biščak says in the commentary Murderers of Slovenia.

It will not be a "5+1" coalition, but actually a "1+5" or a "1+1+5" coalition. "Think about this fine game with which they will play the majority will of the voters and completely abuse the power."

In parliamentary democracies, certain supervisory positions in parliament belong to the opposition, such as for example the commissions for the oversight of public finances and of security services.

Under the logic promoted by mainstream propagandists, the Left is an opposition party, which is why there is a realistic possibility that it assumes chairmanship of both commissions.

"Not only will they take over the government, they will also usurp the positions reserved for the true opposition. And the Left is not and will not be the true opposition."

The bill that will be footed by such a government to hard-working entrepreneurs and workers, who bear the brunt of the measures introduced to fill the state budget, will be huge.

"It will perhaps be too high. Perhaps this will be the death of Slovenia. Will we allow them to do this?"

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