Janša Describes Left’s Coalition Talks as a “Farce”

By , 03 Aug 2018, 09:40 AM Politics
Janša Describes Left’s Coalition Talks as a “Farce” Janez Janša's Facebook page

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STA, 2 August 2018 - In his first comment to the second round of coalition talks led by Marjan Šarec, Janez Janša did not rule out the possibility on Thursday that Slovenia would get a weak government, but he said it would not last. 

In an interview with the Catholic radio station Ognjišče, the Democrat (SDS) leader described the coalition talks involving five centrist parties and the Left as a "farce".

Referring to demands by the radical left party, Janša said that it was perfectly clear that some things were irreconcilable considering that Slovenia is a member of the EU and NATO.

"One and a half rounds of 'centrist' attempts are behind us, there's now another half of the so-called round of the desperate under way with the attempt to obtain an extension of power at all cost.

"It cannot be ruled out the attempt will succeed, considering that the strings pulling in that direction are strong. But it will certainly not last long, so there's no reason to panic," Janša.

Although his right-wing party won the 3 June election, Janša has been unable to form a government because all parties bar the conservative New Slovenia (NSi) and the far-right National Party (SNS) have been ruling out joining his government.

Janša repeated that the SDS's goal was to form a stable government, but if that was not possible it was better to hold another election.

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He noted that he had told President Borut Pahor that "feet-dragging makes no sense", with attempts now under way to form a de facto unstable, weak government.

He also repeated that an opportunity for a stable government that would work for the benefit of the country would not come until all the attempts to form a weak government fail.

He believes such a government would serve as a front for those who in fact run Slovenia.

Excluding the SDS has in his opinion led to a situation in which "they have a bunch of little cockerels in their manure heap crowing each their own way and they cannot be efficiently guided from afar".

He said that the scenario coming up now was in the best interest of the deep state - forming a government that is tied up twice - once by the influence of those working from the back room, and additionally with the support of the "fanatical Left".

Such a government will not be able to get anything done, which was why the attempt to "use the NSi and a fig leaf" and to build a government that would appear to be balanced and appear to have development potential.

"The NSi saw through the trick on time and withdrew, but another attempt in the third round cannot be ruled out, if it comes to it," Janša said, referring to the final round of attempts to nominate a prime minister-designate.

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