Mladina: Politicians Surrender Slovenia's Economic Sovereignty

By , 13 Jul 2018, 09:56 AM Politics
"Fear of the Left" "Fear of the Left" The cover of the latest edition of the left-leaning weekly

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STA, 13 July 2018 - The weekly Mladina speaks in its latest editorial about how Slovenia is giving up its last silverware and economic sovereignty lever via the privatisation of the NLB bank, while other countries are demonstrating how important it is for the state to stand by its economy during times of crisis. 

Editor-in-chief Grega Repovž dismisses the abuse of state-owned companies argument by highlighting widespread abuse and problems in private companies, and insists Slovenia, without abundant natural resources or a mighty army, simply needs economic levers to bridge crisis periods.

These are for instance used without scruple by Germany, which only sticks to domestic suppliers during crises and whose banks, in a significant share still under public control, stand by the country's economy instead of only pursuing profits.

Repovž moreover points to Croatia. While it can always rely on its tourism, it realised in the last crisis - after it had sold off its banks, energy trader Ina and other flagship companies - how important economic independence is. The state now helps support Croatian businesses, which are also buying companies in Slovenia.

There are politicians and Politicians, with the latter being able to explain to their people what a state is about, what sovereignty is about and what it is based on.

The former on the other hand know how to use grandiose words and build national conscience on the rejection of refugees - but when it comes to something like a systemic bank, they simply drop it like a hot potato, Repovž says in “Politicians and politicians”.

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