Eurobarometer: Slovenian Attitudes to the EU

By , 04 Jul 2018, 12:08 PM Politics
Is EU membership a good thing for your country? Is EU membership a good thing for your country? All images from Eurobarometer

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Eurobarometer recently published the results of an EU-wide survey of attitudes towards the EU, with a focus on next year’s European Parliament elections, so we took a look inside to see how the Slovenian opinion was summarised. The full results, in PDF form, can be found here

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First up, we can see that overall Slovenes are happy with being members of the EU, although slightly less so than the EU average. The most support for “a good thing” came from Luxemburg (85%), Ireland (81%) and Germany (7%), and the lowest from the Czech Republic (34%), Hungary (36%) and Italy (39%). With regard to the UK – the first country to vote to leave the Union – 47% of respondents thought membership was a good thing, as against 23% who thought it was a bad thing, with older age predicting the latter response. A more detailed map showing the responses of all members is at the top of this story.

02 sg dg ds.png

Slightly more Slovenes than the EU average feel that the EU is going in the right direction. The countries with most favourable attitudes on this point were Ireland (74%), Luxemburg (64%) and the Netherlands (59%), with the least favourable responses coming from Greece (9%), Hungary (19%) and Spain (20%).

Finally, with regard to what voters see as the main issues facing the EU, Slovenes chose dealing with youth unemployment, improving the economy, and strengthening social protection as the priorities, with much less concern about terrorism, immigration and defence than the average.

04 slf jait iit rte.png

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The dataset included with the survey also included a map showing satisfaction with democracy in the respondents’ own countries. Here, only 39% of Slovenians declared themselves “total satisfied”, much below the EU28 average of 55%, with the list topped by Denmark (91%), Luxemburg (85%) and the Netherlands (82%), with Greece (28%), Romania (32%) and Slovakia (35%) at the bottom.


A PDF of all the results can be found here.

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