Janša visits Orban in Hungary

By , 17 Jun 2018, 12:57 PM Politics
Janša and Orban in 2016 Janša and Orban in 2016 sds.si

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STA, 17 June 2018 - Democrats (SDS) leader and potential Slovenian PM-designate Janez Janša met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest on Saturday. The SDS said Janša paid a private visit to Orban in the company of his wife, while the meeting in Hungary's parliament building also included a conference call with US President Donald Trump.

The Hungarian press agency MTI reported that Orban congratulated Janša on his recent general election victory in Slovenia.

Orban's spokesman Bertalan Havasi told the press that the pair also touched on the inclusion of Western Balkan countries in European integration, which is fully supported by Hungary.

Meanwhile, the SDS wrote on its website that Janša and his wife Urška had paid a private visit to Orban.

It added that Slovenian voters had not fallen for the attempts to shake up Slovenia with a new scandal, this time about Orban financing the SDS's election campaign.

"Investments into media - NOVA24TV was financed by individuals from Hungary - are not counted as election campaign expenses, these are companies granted freedom of investment by European rules, while the rules of Western civilisation also secure freedom of speech in the media," wrote the SDS, which got 25% of the vote in the 3 June election.

According to the SDS's post, Orban also conducted a conference call with US President Trump during the meeting, with Trump congratulating the Hungarian prime minister on putting together a new government.

The MTI reported that Trump called Orban on the phone and that the topics of conversation included the new US ambassador coming to Hungary. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the pair also discussed the importance of protecting borders.

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