SDS Gets Most Votes From Slovenes Abroad, Followed by NSi and The Left

By , 11 Jun 2018, 12:28 PM Politics
SDS Gets Most Votes From Slovenes Abroad, Followed by NSi and The Left JL Flanner

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STA, 11 June 2018 - Slovenian voters cast 2,473 valid general election ballots at diplomatic and consular offices abroad. The largest number of votes, 720, went to the election winner, the Democrats (SDS), while another right-leaning party, New Slovenia (NSi), came second with 438 votes, the National Electoral Commission said on Monday. 

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The Left got 260 votes, followed by the SocDems with 244 and the Modern Centre Party (SMC) with 192.

The Marjan Šarec List, which came second in Sunday's election, got 134 votes. The Alenka Bratušek Party got 77, the Pirates 50, the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) 49, the National Party (SNS) 48, the People's Party (SLS) 39, and Andrej Čuš and the Greens 38.

All the remaining parties got less than 30 votes, while 88 of the ballots cast were invalid.

Cleveland in the US stands out when it comes to support for the SDS, with 75% backing the party. In Buenos Aires the far-right party got 53%, while 42% picked the NSi.

There were also diplomatic and consular offices with winners other than the SDS. In Sarajevo the SocDems won with 28%, in Belgrade they got 14%, while the SMC for instance won in Brussels with 20% of the vote.

The National Electoral Commission still needs to count the votes cast abroad by post. It is expected to announce the unofficial final results of the election on Tuesday.

The ballots from abroad are not expected to affect the number of seats the parties elected to parliament have won, they may however change who sits in parliament for individual parties.

In a separate report, notes that “The SDS convinced most of the voters in Cleveland, USA, where 75 percent of voters voted for it. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, 53 per cent of voters cast their vote for the SDS, and almost 42 per cent of its voters voted for the NSi. All the remaining parties received only about five per cent of the votes.”

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