The Environment Ignored in Party Platforms

By , 18 Apr 2018, 10:49 AM Politics
Mura River in danger to be appropriated for a new hydro power plant Mura River in danger to be appropriated for a new hydro power plant Wikimedia Commons, Peter Valic, CC-BY 3.0

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A significant progress would be made if the candidates for the "parliamentary bus" at least started seriously talking about environmental and social justice, but this is very unlikely considering what has been said so far, the newspaper Večer says in Wednesday's commentary. 

STA, April 18, 2018 - It is impossible to establish a green party in Slovenia, if you do not count the recent pathetic attempts, and no green party is even on the horizon.

The Environment Ministry is the last cookie on the plate when the coalition divides departments among themselves, the environmental NGO sector is underfunded like no other, and the state does not recognise the economic opportunities offered by the green paradigm.

As the government has not managed to include climate change in its strategic decisions, how one can expect that ministries will tackle other key environmental issues, the paper wonders.

"Will the citizens demand this? Yes. There is an increasing number of young people whose first goal is a better environment, both social and natural, and not a car."

They want an environment in which they will breathe fresh air, take a selfie in clean nature, an environment in which they will not be dependent on "precarious slaveries".

But everything suggests that another four years of reign of gross domestic product (GDP) will pass before such changes, concludes the commentary His Majesty, the GDP.

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