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By , 16 Apr 2018, 11:56 AM Politics
"It will be necessary to place capable people in the right places." "It will be necessary to place capable people in the right places." Šarec' Facebook

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The party of Marjan Šarec is betting on its Time for New Generation platform focused on creating "a supportive, economically developed, internationally credible and fair-for-all state" to take it to a victory in the 3 June general election. 

STA, 16 April 2018 – The platform was unveiled at a convention which saw Šarec, the mayor of Kamnik, unanimously endorsed as president of the Marjan Šarec List (LMŠ) in Medvode on Saturday.

Under the slogan Individual, Community, Country, the party will prioritise reforming the political and election system, ensuring security, promoting Slovenia in the international community, fighting crime and corruption, and protecting natural resources.

Politicians and officials should serve the people and not vice-versa. Slovenia must become the European centre of information and digital industries, the party's programme states.

Previously criticised for keeping the party's programme a secret, Šarec stressed today that the party did not want "to be a second Switzerland but for Slovenia to come first".

"We're not promising another Switzerland or Scandinavia, we're not promising pensions of EUR 1,000. We know that results only come through hard work and patience," he said.

"It's simple to pinpoint all the shortcomings, it's harder to step up, to lend your name and take the insecure path full of frame-ups and criticisms," Šarec noted and added that the party was often criticised by those who had nothing to show for themselves.

"I tell these critics that their time has passed. When you take up a post you have to work and not show off on Twitter and other channels."

"Hard work, a realistic vision and above all the will to work for an individual, for the community and for the state will be required," Šarec also stressed.

As regards the political and election system, the party would abolish election districts and introduce an absolute preferential vote. It would also abolish the upper chamber of parliament, and give the president of the republic the power to veto laws.

In economy and finance, the party would pursue fiscal stability, establish financial police, and ensure transparency of public procurement. It would cut taxes on holiday allowance Christmas bonuses.

The LMŠ would put more focus on tourism, in particular on Slovenia as a green, niche destination - "an eco gem in the heart of Europe". It would upgrade railways infrastructure and facilitate the development of public transit.

In public administration, the party would increase accountability of individuals, while it would limit the judges' terms to 12 years with the possibility of re-election. At present, the terms of judges are unlimited.

The LMŠ would give the president the power to appoint constitutional judges, who are currently appointed by the National Assembly.

The party would overhaul the public healthcare system to ensure stable financing of healthcare, it would work to shorten waiting times and introduce national and international joint public procurement calls in the system.

It aims to create a knowledge-, science- and innovation- friendly environment, overhauling education, strengthening the national identity through sport and increasing funds for top-tier sports.

The LMŠ pledges to introduce effective measure to facilitate young people's independence and to raise the lowest pensions and to create a linked system of long-term care for older people.

The party is in favour of a full media freedom and strengthening the role of culture as a social innovative field. The party would gradually raise defence budget to 1.5% of GDP, and maintain the EU and the transatlantic partnership as the main pillars in foreign policy.

According to Šarec's foreign policy advisor, former Ambassador to the US Roman Kirn, the party's foreign policy is in a way a criticism of incumbent Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec.

"Our foreign policy has lost its way. I think it must return to its path, which has already been decided by the people," added Kirn, who denied being the "hypothetical foreign minister".

Meanwhile, Šarec said the party wanted to win on realistic foundations, acknowledging that there was a lot of work ahead.

The party has not picked an EU alliance yet, but Šarec noted that liberals were the likeliest choice, because "we're not rightists but we're not true socialists either".

In addition to Šarec, party members also elected two vice-presidents: Igor Žavbi and Jerca Korče.

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